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  • EU Scourge - lost 11,800 LGF into Sulphur quarry

    • 1.13.21 Released

    I just put in a stack of 10k and another of 1800 LGF into the Sulphur Quarry and there was no output, went back round to the the input and it had vanished! that's alot of LGF to lose, espeically when i've only just got to this level of production! Wocha had a look but needs further help.

    I see there have been issues already with Quarries.

    Any ideas? 

    Priority: Medium Server: Scourge

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    Wocha has asked for a detailed report.   Of the 10-11 times i opened the fuel container on the sulphur quarry  11 or so times i put between 5 and 10 lgf into the container closed and then immediately reopened it again. half the time the fuel was still there, the other half it had completely vanished. In the end to get it working i waited until the small amount didn't vanish and added 7k onto it so it will hopefully run for some time. There seemed to be no pattern to when the fuel remained and when it vanished.  Once the fuel stayed  you could open and close and move the fuel and it was still there when you checked a second later. This bug revolves around the initial placement of fuel in the container.

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    i left 10k LGF stable in the quarry but when i returned 11h later there was only 9,200 sulphur in there when there should have been 15,000 and fuel to keep it running still. This was 11:20 GMT. I wonder if the server was restarted at 5am and the fuel was gone upon reboot?

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    @Doeboy A previous issue allowed for several fuel instances to be created per player. It's possible the 10k LGF you had added was one of the duplicates which would have been cleaned up during a restart or server crash.

    The last update made it to where once that container was empty, it would be deleted to avoid any lost fuel. But if the server crashed, it would have forced them all to delete regardless.

    If this issue persists, please let me know, and I apologize for all the recent issues with our quarries!

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    @DeathThe inital 12k LGF loss was detected by me within 15 seconds of putting it in the fuel barrels. that is, i put the fuel in and then went to check it was churning out the sulphur and there was nothing, when i checked back all the fuel was gone. Now, today when i went to the HQ quarry for the first time with fuel there was 18k HQ ore and counting, i removed the ore and asked another player to check if they saw the same ore in the quarry or if they saw their own instance which they did. I don't know if this is a separate issue or if somehow the LGF was attributed to the HQ quarry instead of the Sulphur quarry somehow in the tables. That said i checked just now and it's still giving me HQ ore despite no LGF being in the fuel barrels- i would expect the 12k LGF to have run out by now had it been crossed over quarries. 

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