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  • Rollback malfunction.

    I was on late last night when the server crashed.  I had been in my base for quite a while so I called it a night and didn't wait the half hour to come back on.  

    Logged in this morning to see that I had died at bandit from a bear... which isn't supposed to be possible anyway, with no respawn option and no bag at the scene of the crime.

    Last time I had been at bandit was to buy a batch of pickles to fill my composters.. 40k scrap worth.  

    In one rollback I lost a full day of progress.  Full kit, 40k scrap gone..

    I'm not sure what I expect to be done or what would be done or how I'd even prove it other than to show you my massive scrap production facility but.. i dunno.  Huge bummer.

    Priority: Low Server: Scourge

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