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  1. Yesterday
  2. Title. Just curious if they take up a car spawn. If so, I'm going to blow up every balloon I see.
  3. AU Pure PvE | GenProx| AK47 | Stag | 290.8m
  4. AU Pure PvE | GenProx| AK47 | Stag | 298.7m
  5. I noticed tonight that the fireworks are again limited to 2 boomers at a time. They were working fine last week. I know that there was a limit put on them at one point to stop people from crashing servers but it is sort of tough to put on a show when I can only set two boomers of at any given time. I do not overload my shows and they are spread out over a 5-9 min show, so as not to lag anyone out. Just seams strange that my shows worked fine last week but not so much now. No big rush. I know that there is allot going on this wipe.
  6. Last week
  7. @DeathI was told that a server has a spawn limit on cars, weather that be the damaged ones on roads or ones that people own. I mainly play on US Pure and at this stage, there are no cars spawning. I went down every single dirt and paved road last night within an hour and nothing. So can the limit be upped a bit? In the same thought process, why is the purge set to 14 days? I feel that if it were set to 7, it would actually solve the issue of cars. More incentive to log in more often as well.
  8. I see, thanks for the details. However I would still like an official response with the current design of the system. What about people who quit for the wipe, in the last 2 weeks? Here are some suggestions: - Being able to instantly destroy your base - Adding a slow decay rate (even slower decay for VIPS maybe?) As mentioned above and in the top post, will discuss more on this once we have some official information.
  9. in regards to old/abandoned bases, not entirely sure how it works but as I understand it, if someone builds a base and that person has not logged on, after 14 days it destroys itself automatically. It basically decays at a fast rate. I saw one the other day fall apart. I personally would like it to be upped to 7 days.
  10. Has any of the staff considered adding Decay? The performance is bad for some of us in the second half of the month. Also, can someone describe the current system that should handle old/abandoned bases? Is it manual or automatic? One more thing, if Decay was considered, what are the reasons it was not added? I would really like to know that (pros/cons).
  11. Assault on the ship Indigo and I went to storm the ship that picks up cargo from the oil rigs. We decided to land on the deck of the ship from the air, flying up from the stern in a helicopter. What came of it - see this Rust diary series.
  12. Death

    Excavator Bug

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. Death

    Excavator Bug

    Unable to resolve this on the current map save without a wipe. This will not be an issue next map.
  14. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Version to 11.30.20
  15. Well I was just talking about the notes that shoed up as coins and I believe gave the user 200 credits. But I will look at selling.
  16. Notes as in treasure maps? Selling resources to the black market is a great way to earn credits.
  17. @kingdl1st I'll add auto replenish next update. (No ETA but sometime before wipe.)
  18. To the roof of the cosmodrome With a red access card, Indigo and I went to the main building at the cosmodrome to climb the stairs to the roof, where there are elite boxes with top-end loot in the game Rust.
  19. I seem to be going negative fast without the Note system. I hope it is back soon or the amount of call it "Server cash" increases substantially per time played.
  20. I think I bought out all the wood from the NPC. Can we add some more?
  21. I really enjoy the weather effects, I cant get enough of it. I hope they add moving cold fronts so is snows once in awhile in places like the desert, blizzards and heavy driving rain Texas Thunderstorms. Deep snow.
  22. So strange I almost never have lag these da and I am playing on a laptop with all the graphics in Rust maxed out. I have not really had lag in well over a year. I have good connection speed. I wonder if that is part of it.
  23. How to Blow Up a Tank with C4 Explosives The second option for destroying a tank at the cosmodrome in the game Rust. This time I destroyed the tank with C4 explosives.
  24. Offender: A_Low_Flyin_Pig SteamID: 76561199069519103 Server: EU Pure Length: 7 Days Reason: Griefing More Info: Placed Sign with an inappropriate drawing on, on a players base. Gained access to the players TC without authorisation from the player.
  25. Big Excavator Pit In this Rust diary series, we flew into a huge quarry with a large excavator. This gigantic machine runs on diesel fuel that we extracted from the oil rig in the previous series. The excavator is guarded by several military scientists, but most of them can be killed with a sniper rifle. After filling the excavator's tank, the machine starts to work and extract ore. In the control cabin, you can program the excavator to mine: either iron ore, or MVK, or stone or sulfur.
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