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  2. Sorry that it took me long time to finish it.. got too many depression attacks this month 😅 But, It finely ready!!! Couple of changes are remain but all the hard work is done. // Ugh TY to Doc for the Fireworks!! (I'll say it again cause you Allways saves me with items that my crazy mind need) // also Rojo that helped me to clear my head and fill me with new ideas! So, @RoJoSWE I hope that you can help me to test it before the release. @Witch Doctor pass the first floor too fast and I'm concerned that its not hard enough * Some of the futures are removed.. no switches this time. I need to save ideas for the next one!!! Well.. the "event" will open hopefully tomorrow til wipe. (codes and secrets will be edited right before the wipe) Here some pics: Levels: @Death You can delete the older pics if you want to save some serv space.. each is 1-4 mb so... (I was lazy to compress them in photoshop ) Also I hope to see you play this time!!!!
  3. I have reviewed your ban, at this time i will lift the ban. But I will warn you we do not have any safe place to use words that could/can be considered racist and using such language can lead to a ban.
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  5. Banned for racism I was talking in team chat to one other person who ive known for years, got auto banned thru system for racism. It wasn't aimed maliciously and the person also came on discord that it was said to and vouched the same. Just banter.
  6. You seem to be confused still. And that’s fine. If you want to talk to me directly, in a voice chat, we can. However I will not talk about this more on here. You seem set in your thoughts that I just said “fuck this I’m going to Death” and that’s not what happened. Tootles.
  7. You would be correct in not apologizing to me, I placed the ban solely for the fact that you berated and complained and suggested to a brand new admin that we ( the collective admin team) had been messing with your base. Now I understand that we had been interactive with you but that was with you and not your belongings. At the beginning of your complaints about things missing, all of the admins spent a good amount of time trying to research and understand what was happening with your items. Since we could not find any player interaction to cause issues we default to the answer that has been proven before multiple times before, in that there are glitches in the game and each new wipe brings different things that can happen. This was stated to you by several players and admins. You were warned about being toxic in chat. You were given information that was relevant to your issues, however that was not enough to appease your anger in regards to items missing. Yes you went to Death and spoke with him after not getting an answer that suited what you wanted from us here on the server, and that's ok. I will be the first to admit that I do not have all the answers. That being taken into account going to Death only to be given a similar answer that had been given to you only cements in our eyes that any information that we give to you going forward will only be questioned even further until you can confirm with death. You were given the best information possible, the best possible outcome as to why things were happening. Each admin that helped you in turn had asked me about solutions. I may have not interacted with you directly in this endeavor, just know that I was fully aware of what was happening and how the information was received by you. Therefore, to fully understand why you were banned was not because of going to Death or going above our chain of command, it was simply placed solely on the cumulative effect of being toxic about the admins to players ignoring the warnings about, that the screenshots listed with this ban point this out. I dislike having to ban players, the process is there for a reason though. The process of appealing is there for a reason as well. I am lifting the ban so that you can continue to enjoy the game as best possible.
  8. I’m not sure how this appeal stuff goes, but this was an unjustifiable ban. I never once lied, nor have I ever berated or belittled an admin. Lights I had purchased with real money did go missing multiple times. Pieces of my bases did go missing multiples times. Those siren lights on top of my base did turn off at least twice that I was aware of. Those screenshots should not be considered “evidence” against me, as there is no incriminating or damnable things in it. Honeyb and Jelly were not up to date with what admins had done to try and help, which was just to test that my generator was in fact providing enough power for my lights. But that was one time. Before I had even posted in the #Help section of the discord channel, and Death had removed the post, I had searched online for why lights from the same section would go missing, or any or the other things. I found nothing on it from FacePunch, Reddit posts, or other medias, which is when I got upset and made my initial post. I have been told, however, that you, Chef, and two other admins got upset that I went straight to Death with my concerns, which is not true. My post said, to paraphrase from memory without the amount of cussing I did, “whoever is messing with my base can stop now. If my base is in any way bothering or obstructing other players bases, causing lag issues, or in general just annoying, give me the chance to remedy it like other had been given instead of doing it yourself.” I know that base was highly obnoxious. Roughly 60 flashing lights in one concentrated area can cause an enormous amount of lag. And the 15? spotlights definitely didn’t help, but those were not mine. Now, for you to actually lie, and defame my name is not ok. If you didn’t want me on the server, you could have, and should have, reached out to me. I was told you wanted to talk to me, anyway. But to ban me when you, yourself, had never actually tried talking to me about what happened, and 3 admins to block me off discord in general... that’s overboard. The two admins who did try helping me, didn't fully answer any questions I had. Which isn’t their fault. My questions were out of their knowledge zone. To go back to your actual statements above: Two admins assured me they didn’t mess with my base, and I know for sure they hadn’t. Those same two admins did tell me about a glitch, but when I asked more questions to understand fully, they simply could not provide any other information, and I do not hold that against them. I never once lied, or berated and belittled admins. That’s foolish. They do what they can, if they care about their position. I’m sorry to keep saying this, but only two admins actually acted as if they gave two flying shits about the situation, not including Death, who’s been more than understanding. I am, or was I suppose, a VERY helpful and active part of the community and did what I could to help any new players - because admins need a break, too. Let’s be real here. Some admins do more than they actual need to for people. And I do understand admins can not be there all the time, and tried not to be a bother if it was an unavoidable circumstance. I know you expect an apology, Sir, but you were not a part of any remedy to my situations. Therefore I will not apologize to you. It would be unwarranted. I would like to apologize to Death, Blue and Crim for any unjust attitude I gave them, as they’ve been more than helpful, understanding, and welcoming.
  9. Thanks, Leafbower. I suspect they just despawned all my stuff.
  10. Offender: Muswashen Meta info: Steam | Battlemetrics Server: AU Scourge Time and Date: Monday, 27 December 2019 1:15 AM AEST Length: Permanent Reason: Theft - Stealing diesel from other players (while it was in the engine at Large Excavator) Evidence: Two players had cleared the Large excavator and had placed 23 diesel in the engine. The then decided to go drop loot home when they heard shooting starting up at the large excavator. The flew in on their minicopter they saw there was two players there, as they went to confront the players, the players teleported away. The Large Excavator stopped as the diesel had been taken. I checked the lootlog on the Large excavator and the last player to access it was Muswashen: Muswashen then logged off the server at 1:01 AM AU time (different to server time shown in picture above). He did not have any diesel on him but when I searched the base I looked into the TC and there was 15 diesel in there - the last player to access that TC was another player. We are still uncertain who the second player was that participated in the theft.
  11. if ending a bag name with \ disables the player from being able to use /home completely was able to reproduce this by naming a bag to testing\. With the \ on the name /home does not activate.
  12. I blame it on my best friend, he wants... magical powers, like in real life. @BunnieMae glad you also know this to be accurate I believe its 100%~98% (the 2% its just to not dismiss ppl's oppinion, because a rare bunch have said otherwise than what the info says, but.... between you and me, I believe more in the info from the website hahahaha, its fkn accurate fkn all the time, so... )
  13. Hello Chinaski. I am looking into this. I will also forward everything that I am finding over to Rojo as well. The suspect is dead and can not be teleported to. I found the one twig base next to yours and removed it after taking screenshots. I have found one other base and I have it locked down until we have a chance to talk to this person and see if there are any other bases. I also removed his sleeping bag from your base. If you have any other problems ping me and or Rojo at once by typeing @admin in chat. if you do not want anyone to know that your pinging us, switch chat to team and it will still work just the same. Discord will actualy ping us to let us know that your needing help. We are sorry that you are having this problem, it is the first time anything like this has happened on our server and we will put an end to it swiftly. Leafbower
  14. Same player also put a tc down next to my pumpjack and drained it.
  15. I was able to bust the tc and locked boxes. They took everything. (and I was rich)
  16. They also put a sleeping bag down near my work bench. It'd be pretty easy to figure out who this was.
  17. A player on EU Survival griefed my base and looted it. They somehow authorized on my tc, built a structure outside, emptied all my boxes, and locked all my most important boxes with wooden locks, including components, guns, ammo, resources. Not sure if these boxes are full or empty. I assume empty. I'd be delighted if an admin could find out who did all this, and take appropriate measures. Thank you. -Chinaski
  18. Last week
  19. if this wasn't the most weirdly accurate thing I've ever seen, idk what is. lmao like down to my luck factors... black monkey born in the year of the white sheep..
  20. Death

    No kill feed

    Changed Status to Fixed Changed Version to 1.25.20
  21. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Version to 1.25.20
  22. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Version to 1.25.20
  23. Death

    Animal issues.

    Changed Status to Fixed Changed Version to 1.25.20
  24. Will be fixed next server reboot. Tonight at midnight.
  25. Sorry. I see this has already been reported.
  26. The data for kill distances by players is not appearing on any of the 6 Scourge/Survival RustEZ servers, nor are our kills registering in the /top scores. -Chinaski
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