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  1. Today
  2. Thank you to everyone who participated! It was great having so many participants from so many different RustEZ servers join us for the event. The overall winners are Elite xGlyph and Feralbot99, who managed to survive all three games and are walking away with $10 RustEZ Store Credit each! Squid Game part 2 in November, anyone?
  3. Yesterday
  4. Hello! We discovered a bug today. If pumpjack fueltank is almost full and you right click a stack of lgf to top off pumpjack fuel the stack in your inventory disappears but pumpjack doesn't get filled. See below video. Don't know how many thousands of lgf I lost because of it, just noticed it today 2021-10-24 Pumpjack bug.mp4
  5. Server & Region: US-Surival In-Game Name: Lexi Name of Build: Monster House Map Grid ID: R22
  6. BunnyFooFoo

    RustEZ Halloween Photo

    that is a beautiful thing
  7. Server & Region: US Scourge In-game name: Northseeker Name of Build: Satan's Squash Map Grid ID: AA9 (East side near Sulfur Quarry) It's open at night! Haunted labyrinth & dance club inside, come check it out
  8. Last week
  9. oh yeah I would not add it to an existing server make a small server. I understand that learning and losing is part of the game but why not have a small server just to help learn that and maybe add different landing zones and styles to help with that.
  10. The ban stands and my decision is unchanged at this time. We wish you the best of luck in finding a server better suited to your play style. Thanks, BiohazardAust
  11. how do I get the recording? I didn't record it but if I remember correctly is was Sinon or something the first time I met him he didn't have any liking to me and was just rude at the beginning but I ignored it since I didn't want to ruin the fun but now he has gotten me in serious trouble and I have only played a couple of other servers and would hate to not only have been banned but permanently banned. Thab you for your time if you are reading this.
  12. yeah i would agree with Rubiks-q-bert on this that would make it way to easy and i think you would lose more players than gain any. there is enough pay to win servers I would recommend trying one then trying to change these. a lot of people enjoy the grind to find materials and the thrill of loosing it all to the wildlife
  13. Can you provide the name or a recording of the person to gave you permission?
  14. Yes but someone did give me permission but at the time I didn't know they were purposely attempting to get me banned because they didn't own the base I understand I opened every present and I did that because he said I could have them I'm sorry that I did this and it wont happen again so please unban me I didn't mean to cause any harm in this since I was told by a random person that I thought owned the base to grab them and open them. I am so very sorry I had no clue that I wasn't allowed to do that since I was given permission by someone that didn't own the base and I really hope you change your mind I didn't mean for any harm to happen I'm new to the game and I want to learn how to play. This is an amazing server that I would absolutely love to keep playing so I beg of you to unban me please it will never happen again. Than you for your time if you are reading this.
  15. Thank you for appealing - The ban stands. No one gave you permission and you opened every present. The box was in a clearly backstage area, apart from the space created for the event. You took an opportunity while the garages were open to loot from the storage area. You were warned by me both verbally and in global chat that theft is not tolerated and hovered around the event earlier today, despite being asked to leave by the organizera several times.
  16. Hi I would like to say that I'm really sorry and didn't know what I was doing I was told to grab them by another person and thought I had permission and in the end I realized that I cannot steal anything not even from a person that says I can and I would really love if you would think this through. I am really dearly sorry and I personally love playing on this server since its one of my favorite servers and if you can forgive me for this mistake i will make sure this will never happen again sice im new to PvE servers and i read the rules aswell but i would truly really appreciate if you were to unban me from the server [AU] RustEZ Scourge PvE Zombie. Ty for your time if you read this.
  17. Offender: Pandemic BattleMetrics : Steam Server: AU Scourge Time: 10:54 PM AEST Length: Permanent Reason: Stealing More Info (Optional): After other verbal warnings for rules violation and player harassment, stole 30 Large presents from a player controlled event. Loot logs for container 180708002: Name ID Time Status Pandemic 76561198015168808 11:58 AM 10/23/2021 Online Loot logs for container 305511878: Name ID Time Status Pandemic 76561198015168808 11:58 AM 10/23/2021 Online
  18. Offender: patto_as Battlemetrics Steamid Server: AU Pure Length of Ban: Perma Reason: Stealing More Info (Optional): Several instances of stealing including stealing an hour after been warned for stealing.
  19. Offender: Pierce BattleMetrics Steam Server: AU Pure Time: 23rd October 2021 at 4:58pm AEST (6:58am UTC) Length: Permanent Reason: Homophobic & racist slur More Info (Optional): Renamed a sleeping bag with a homophobic and racist (Australian) slur.
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