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  2. I can understand this perspective, and I do see your point, however: when it comes to me looking to craft items for someone, give freebies to a newbie, or just trade more than 12 items the 5-minute cooldown is an active deterrent to /trade. Sidepoint: if /trade is advertised as a part of the rich economy when looking at the server connect screen, but then adding a cooldown to discourage use, is that not at least slightly counter-intuitive..? I think shops are great for when players are offline and need a way to get help or resources when there are not others that are online to assist, but
  3. Rome wasn't built in a day but a gladiator knows how to woo a crowd. Come join us over on AU Survival where Gladiators will battle to be named Champion. How to play: Every Gladiator will start off behind a gate with just the basics to defend themselves in what will be a close combat fight till death. Once the gates open Gladiators will enter the arena and will need to conquer their opponents to be name champion. There will be multiple rounds depending on number of Gladiators sacrificing their souls. During each round Gladiators will be awarded points, after all rounds are compl
  4. I don't know about abuse issues on trade, but having players going around the map, use player shops and create a player-run economy is a positive thing. If players can just sit in their base and spam /trade (with no limits on using the command) I think it ruins a big part of the social gathering on PvE servers and makes the shops that players build all but irrelevant, pretty quickly into a wipe. Trade has been borked for a bit -- and because the trade fails, people go to player shops to obtain something in game (i.e. actually make an effort to get it) and that gives players, like m
  5. I'll have a look first thing in the morning
  6. On Scourge, during the last 2 hours at least, trades sent have been occationally failing to produce a popup, though the chat message of receiving the request does seem to reliably appear. Frequency uncertain but I've seen it the one time I traded and others are reporting the same. When I got this chat only request, I then sent my own request, a trade interface opened and we completed the trade, then I received the chat message that my trade request had expired. I don't know what my trading partner saw during this, it was rem. I see you've been working on it, hope it doesn't take much more
  7. Did you destroy the cupboard before accessing the loot room?
  8. Not 100% sure if this is a bug or not, but I wanted to bring it up. I was raiding the NPC garrison withing 3-4 mins of it spawning. My path was through the back corner and I just a locked crate in a couple of walls. The second I hit the crate the garrison started breaking down. It had been a very short amount of time from the first boom to touching the crate and it felt the garrison started breaking down way too soon. I was unable to investigate any other loot areas because of the rapid breakdown.
  9. Yesterday
  10. While I am certain there are reasons for adding this cooldown, I am unsure what they could be and have been frustrated ever since this was added. It was mentioned in discord that trade was being abused, though abuse is using a mechanic in an unintended way that is giving others an unfair advantage. An example of this is players using helis to get onto dome: it is not intended, and not everyone can utilize the heli in the same way, providing some players with an unfair advantage. Trade, as far as I know, does no such thing. While, sure there may be unintended uses of trade, but since every
  11. Purchasing from a vending machine will occasionally result in the message "You're not authorized to administrate this vending machine." This typically happens to me with multiple purchases in a row (happens at least once or twice per 1-2 vends). Additional info: I type in the number of items I want to buy in the number box (spam 9 until vending machine defaults to max number), select 'vend', then every one to two vends this message ends up in my chat. I have not had this message pop up when just selecting 'vend' (not changing the value), or by using the '+' button to increase
  12. Death


    Changed Status to Released
  13. Changed Status to Released
  14. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Version to 9.17.20
  15. To prevent trade locking if the player does not respond to the request
  16. Death


    Changed Status to Fixed Changed Version to 9.17.20
  17. Death


    Changed Status to Working
  18. Granny


    Players have reported the trade issue is not yet resolved. Apologies if this dupes an existing ticket.
  19. Tower CRASH! is back on AU Pure in a new 2-round - winner take all format on Saturday 19th September at 2pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) What is Tower Crash??? Your mission - destroy your opponents towers before they destroy yours... with ROCKET LAUNCHERS! What's new??? In this iteration the game will run as follows: This is an 8-player game - the first 8 people to join the event are in! The 8 players will then be randomly assigned to teams of 4 to start the first round... a 4x4 team battle to the death! (Shown on the left of the image above). The
  20. To cut down on the amount of tc's (which clog space and add to lag) could we possibly get the code locks for the refineries, pumpjacks, and furnaces. I know that it can be done I just haven't searched for the plugin name. This would also cut down on theft a considerable amount.
  21. Trade is still going into the negatives for me. I went to trade with a player that was offline, they are now online and my timer is -19 minutes haha
  22. Fancy ~ much easier to see now!
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