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  3. Gonna host one last rave before wipe on US Pure Time/date: 8pm EST, wednesday feb 3rd , for EU players that will be 2am CET Place: square i-23 on US Pure If someone wanna help me set off a bunch of fireworks before the show that would be cool.
  4. Yesterday
  5. 4/5 days ago (I lose track of time xD) I put 3k Low grade in HQM quarry and got nothing in return. low grade was gone too Server - Pure EU Time - not sure Date 24th or 25th of Feb IG Name - LiamJS_
  6. IN game name is IPushFatKids
  7. I Lost 4k low grade int he HQM Miner and 7k lowgrade in the sulfer miner put the fuel in at around 11PM EST and at 9Am EST it was all gone. No ore or Low grade. I am on the US scourge server.
  8. Last week
  9. I have found that if I leave fuel in past server restart I lose everything. Lost about 80k Fuel this wipe
  10. cause its still not working for me on EU scourge
  11. so is the same for EU scourge then?
  12. Yep, I wholeheartedly agree with this. Happens to EU Scourge as well. If the ratio evens out then mega farmers do not need to buy wood from outpost anymore.
  13. Built by RebelsOne and Amyrlin. This building held large luxury apartments and was rented for one million stone before it was even finished being built! The Hammered Horse Apartments may or may not have been rented by a cult. US Scourge.
  14. Built by RebelsOne and Amyrlin. The Hammered Horse Hotel was always busy and often sold out! Rumor has it, the place was haunted. US Scourge.
  15. Can't believe I only just saw this comp. AU Pure PvE - GenProx - 77.5m - junkpile scientist
  16. Thank you for participating in our appeals process. The server rules are clearly visible when you join the server. You were first witnessed stealing car parts from players, and were sent a warning verbally in game as well as written telling you stealing was against server rules. You were then witnessed baiting heli to attack another players base directly next to where you wanted to build. Again I spoke to you in game, and another warning was sent telling you that griefing & stealing was not acceptable on this server. Finally, despite the server rules and the above warni
  17. all 3 quarries reported not giving proper output over night
  18. This is horrible. :/ Twig has to decay within a day of placement if it's not upgraded....
  19. At that time I didn't know about the law server, so I was banned from how to open locked account
  20. Offender: Sraiko Steam ID BM ID Server: US Pure Time: 2/26/2021 10:56 PM Length: Permanent Reason: Looting More Info (optional): Player was first warned two days ago for accessing another players roof and looting the owner of the base. Today they looted multiple players. Upon being confronted the player showed absolutely no remorse for breaking the rules. They acknowledged that they were previously warned and understand the rules but they do not care to follow them. A ban has been implemented to keep the player from disrupting the gameplay of others moving forward.
  21. Offender: WoolEagle36739 Steam ID BM ID Server: US Pure Time: 2/26/2021 10:29 PM Length: Permanent Reason: Looting More Info (optional): Player has been warned and informed of the server rules multiple times. Four days ago they came back from a 5 day ban that was issued and a warning informing them to review the rules and reach out if they had any questions as they were on their last chance. Today they looted another players corpse after their minicopter crashed. I popped in to have a chat with the player and they acknowledged that they understand the rules but they "really ne
  22. Offender: Chilly Cheese Steam ID BM ID Server: US Pure Time: 2/26/2021 10:19 PM Length: Permanent Reason: Looting More Info (optional): Upon joining the server, the player said an inappropriate remark in chat. They were muted, warned and advised of the server rules. Four minutes later they were witnessed looting sleepers. They were again warned and advised of the server rules. Immediately after I left, they moved on to loot a players horse trough.
  23. For future reference, saying the word "snicker" might be a better option. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/snicker
  24. Just lost my fuel again last night. 20K fuel 0 stone. Opened a Help Ticket.
  25. Thanks Adman, It caught me by surprise, I'll have to be careful not to use it again Cheers GP
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