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  2. Seems that server is beeing restartet - I guess a patch gets applied
  3. Same for me. I was online. Saw a new update, left Rust - some minutes ago. The summer DLC was applied - Rustez Scourge is gone. I see (I guess) more or less any other server, can join them - but no Rustez server in the list.
  4. liukano

    Server Update

    auto update rust in steam , and not connect...
  5. Having similar issues. Server is not listed.
  6. I like number 4! to add on it maybe make random heavy's show up places so they shoot at you.
  7. I cannot find your server and when i try to join via your website it takes me to Amsterdam II server and says server requires an update. I don't know if this is just cause of the latest patch. i'll try again later but thought I would give you the heads up incase anyone else is also having problems. Thanks James
  8. This is happening on US Scourge as well. Small furnaces and refinery's have been reported as doing the same.
  9. Today
  10. Well this may take a while to read, but my mind was on this idea and i may have went to far. i have 20 ideas to make our rust wipe a little better. I can make anything that requires a build. Thank you for your time. 1. car race w/track 2. demolition derby 3. dodge ball w/rocks (i can make it) 4. Zombie apocalypse ( 200 zombies just appear random all over map) 5. Maze challenge (w/snap traps and camp fires and hidden shotgun traps behind a door) 6. surprise holiday (send Santa in or the Easter bunny) 7. play pac man in a walled area (a player runs around with a axe killing other players last man alive wins) 8. Air race 9.obstacle course in a walled in area( w/jumps) I have made this before 10. build competition (house)( a player is given a plot to build his house. the plots ate separated by walls and he has 1 week to build it) 11. use a mailbox with notes to vote on things 12. Survivor (have a island and make the players survive the night with just a sword and a rock, lots of animals) 13. last man standing. thunder dome style 14.Vegas night w/gambling(you can youtube it) 15. make last week of wipe harder. more of everything (monsters/animals) 16.take a picture of last weeks winner and put it on a wall for all to see 17.car race from one point of map to the other, using the roads 18.art competition (no /sil) 19. find a colorful MC for events 20. make the prizes better. something they want not burlap pants
  11. Offender: sir sexalot STEAM Server: US Pure Time: 7:31 PM EST Length: Permanent Reason: Raiding, Looting More Info: After being spoken to at length, (and warned about in chat banter as well as entering bases that do not belong to them,) as well as multiple PSAs, player chose to attempt Grand Theft Auto. When this failed, they attempted to steal the parts. When confronted, they immediately logged out.
  12. Elixil3

    NPC Bases

    I agree, however the resources should be enough to make it more appealing but not to the extent where you profit.
  13. I have noticed BBQ and Fireplaces in particular can not be interacted with even once the owner has shared the deployable. Players can open them and put things in but unable to light them.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Changed Status to Pending
  16. As no appeal seems to have been made I am locking this thread. Good luck wherever you choose to play, @OXUM
  17. Rules have and will always be posted in the join page to the server. It clearly states that camping of loot rooms, monuments, or any highly concentrated areas is not allowed. I would like to see the proof you have for admins "competing for loot"; especially since this hasn't been witnessed nor noticed as having occurred by anyone else - other admins or players alike. As I mentioned, we have combat logs which reflect the opposite. We do not enjoy banning players, we want every one to come and have a good time. This is why multiple warnings and conversations were attempted prior to the ban.
  18. Sanbo


    I could have swore we used to have Jpipes mod and then I came across this.
  19. Indeed opinions matter, however the fact remains I got banned for no clear reason of breaching rules. Please make sure my VIP subscription refunded. Like I previously mentioned, I was able to see that Admins have conflict of interest with Players because they compete for loot. In such occasion, trust to admin team is compromised, whatever you witnessed does not make much sense to me until a clear evidence and a reference on publicly available established source of rules which have been violated by myself.
  20. I think the NPC bases are an awesome idea. The loot however, is not that great. It takes a significant amount of resources to get to the core and not a whole lot is gained unless you happen upon a rare weapon. Maybe add quantities of resources to the loot boxes for a chance to come out profitable?
  21. Your behavior has been witnessed by both admins and players. I’m sorry you feel as though admin are abusing their powers however many other players, as well as combat logs, can confirm that this is not the case. After many general in chat warnings were issued, you still continued to camp/hog monuments. When a conversation was initiated you stated that you felt that you weren’t obligated to follow server rules. I’ll leave out your rude commentary as you selectively have as well. Hopefully you can find a server better suited to your play style in the future. Best of luck.
  22. You have an interesting perspective on how thing are run and what the admins do. Still, everyone is entitled to their own opinion be it right or wrong. Good luck with your future gaming endeavors.
  23. Hey, just letting you all know, I decided to quit RustEZ becuase of trust issues related to your admins. Granny competes with players on running monuments while using her super user privileges. I noticed admins teleporting on cargo ahead of players to get the best loot. She competes for heli, and loots it using her admin tools. I got conflict with her about that, but just would like to let you know, she was the only one (and other admin) competing with me for heli. She stated that people were mad unable to get heli, however there is no one competes for heli first days after wipe except admins. It is clearly to me Granny abuses privileges assigned to her and uses authoritarian language and she is unaccountable for actions towards players. She makes up her own rules on the fly about 'learning server' you can not read anywhere else, and posts her warnings through admin notifications. She has to be restricted. For now, I decided not to pay real money to rustez because my trust to admins judgement compromised, sad though because I liked this server. After I told I am leaving, I see also got banned on the forums, well thanks for the experience.
  24. Yep, I did that. Been playing rust since 2014, my second ban ever. I won't bother appealing. You couldn't have just said, "hey, we don't take kindly to harmless joking around on this server" Zero communication, yet quick with the ban hammer (if banning me an hour later can be considered quick) makes a poor combination in an admin, no wonder you're looking for new ones. First day on this server, I wont be back. D-
  25. Offender: Nazrena Steam: 76561198036908251 BM: 172849652 Server: US Survival Time: 7/08/2020 @08:39 Length: Permanent Until Appealed Reason: Griefing More Info (Optional): Player entered another players base and changed the name on sleeping bag.
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