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  1. Today
  2. Wocha

    Time Zones -

    hey could the ones in Europe also get a time when the servers wipe ? a CET time would awesome sauce.
  3. Wocha

    Tesla Coil

    Hey Death can you remove the tesla coil wear- down ? it dont hurt no body anyway but looks cool at night
  4. that's another cool monument @Death
  5. We have no plans to add any NPCs.
  6. that aquadome looks AWESOME!
  7. Yesterday
  8. looks awesome excited
  9. Nice picks. Will the Aquadome have a Bradley? It said there could be one and npcs. Just wanted to ask so I can be ready for death if I go into it. lol :)
  10. This would allow you to sell more membership tiers instead of PJs and also save the server a lot of space and lag
  11. Here are our May custom monument picks that'll be live on all of our maps tomorrow following the big update! Jabba's Palace Author: Electrik Link: https://codefling.com/monuments/jabbas-palace Aquadome Author: Immp77 Link: https://codefling.com/monuments/aquadome Nublar Genetics Author: Elecktric Link: https://codefling.com/monuments/nublar-genetics
  12. Good suggestion. For me (still new here) there is nothing i could buy there.
  13. Our beloved PLM has built a fully automated air race course with timing gates, so would be rude not to use it! From 9pm (ish) I will be opening the event commands for players to join up and take on the course! Fastest times at the end of the night win prizes! I will open up about 8pm and run throughout the night, so come along when ever you can!
  14. Of even adding the test gen to the /shop? Can be purchased for 10k credits and max 2 per wipe? Or something like that
  15. Last week
  16. It seems like the only worthwhile use of credits besides teleporting is buying the distress signal, the other items in shop are cheaper to craft/buy at vending machines instead. I suggest to put more things in the /shop such as weapons/ammo (HE grenades for example) that are hard to get, or more kinds of spawnable enemy entities like a zombie horde/heavy scientists etc.
  17. Offender: W0ifpack https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon/players/995368898 https://steamcommunity.com/id/w0ifpack/ Server: US Pure Time: 8:25 pm est Length: perm Reason: stealing More Info (Optional): player was warned for jumping in a compound and looting a player, i went to check in on him after about 15 minutes and he was in another compound geared trying to get out with his name on the logs of the owner
  18. One of the issues, is the server currency or points that people get from selling the resources with this auto-farming. If you sell stone, or LGF in that store, you get points. So they are not satisfied with the point they have to teleport or to buy the smoke signals for mini or attack heli. I personally think removing the ability of selling those resources would limit those mega quarry/Pumpjack farms. It should be more rewards from felling a tree and hitting nodes, than going offline and logging in every few hours to move your stuff. But you can automate a lot of it with the syn
  19. it said i was banned but i didnt play for like half of the wipe and when i did it was with my noob friend. is there a screenshot of me being racist?
  20. I have uninstalled Rust and reinstalled same.. Came back to game with same results. Can not remove items once in inventory or backpack. Still unable to load furnace or any other device requiring mats to operate or storage chests.. to add to or remove from storage.. Game is unplayable.. for me anyway.
  21. The screen over the past week more or less has been showing 2 such errors.. Building Core and another which I could not read. But now, the screen loads up fully with Prefab errors. I cannot move items in my inventory and the building/upgrading of roofs are not joining properly.. See my pyramids ... The roof has wings and are not resolving properly. But not having the ability to remove items picked up, for inventory to other storage, furnaces, Pumpjack and quarry is making the game un-playable.
  22. When a server is lagging so bad that players are being asked to downsize... Yeah it's about that time. What say you boss? @Death
  23. I think it's past time there were more restrictions on builds, they are out of hand. Restrictions on the number of windmills, water catchers, furnaces etc. that can be placed. People build massive farm bases to get in game currency, so maybe consider adding a limit to how much you can earn via the black market to discourage this also.
  24. Is there a way to change the daily vip air drop to a distress signal for a set number of days before a wipe.
  25. Is there a way to have a bradley distress signal that only works at launch. And have that bradley buffed. Or an area with a spawn buff bradley switch.
  26. Offender: aflafol19 Steam ID BM ID Server: US Pure Time: 4/29/2021 11:38 PM Length: Permanent Reason: Looting More Info (optional): Player was verbally and console warned at 11:25 PM for harassing another player, following them around and trying to loot from them. They acknowledged that they understood the rules as I explained them. 8 minutes after being warned, they proceeded to do the exact same thing to another player and when that player accidentally DC'd, they looted them and the recycler they had been using.
  27. Filled all 3 quarries completely before logging yesterday, today they're all completely empty.
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