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  3. Soul

    Zombie AI Ideas

    mabe bigg zombie horeds that run around the map
  4. For those interested, here is the prize list from the event yesterday. A few players walked away with some great stuff ~ others won a shotgun trap to the face. Congratulations to the EZ credit winners $10 EZ Credit - LoyalRover $5 EZ Credit - Lumos First Offers 1. Jackhammer, chainsaw, LGF 2. 40 trout, BBQ 3. Heavy Scientist suit 4. Halloween Loot bag, cauldron 5. 5 Supply Signals 6. 10 Halloween Loot Bags 7. 50 scrap 8. $5 RustEZ credits 9. Decorative Pinecones 10. Small generator, 4 simple lights Stage Doors 1. Horse, Trough, 100 pumpkins 2. Admin's Locker (Admin outfits (Aurora, Jack) Bunny suit, one set glowing eyes 3. NULLER ~ Death trap 4. NULLER ~ Death trap 5. Spike traps 6. Pickle Roulette Party for 5! (5 chairs, 500 pickles) 7. Birthday Party for 5 (5x party hats, cake, shirts, pants, presents, pookies) 8. M249 with attachments & 1000 rounds 9. $10 EZ Credits 10. Boat garage package (20k stone, 20k wood, TC, Dive outfit, LGF, wooden gate, free rhib delivered)
  5. I've excluded subscribers from this restriction for now.
  6. Last week
  7. But if someone only wanted one, or could only afford one, since they are a subscriber why should they go without when a normal player can still buy just 1? At least change it so subscribers can checkout for $0.90 but it's still $1.00 for everyone else.
  8. When the admins have glowing eyes on, you know you agroed themm. :))
  9. I think they explained a month ago or so that they lowered the prices for some items, but increased the MOQ because the transaction taxes are not feasible for such small amount of money. So, why not buy two Hobo Barrels and keep yourself even warmer during the cold nights.
  10. My heart skipped a beat there. Thought it was Raven's and Gringo's base from EU Pure PvE. :))
  11. When you are a subscriber, you get a 10% discount on all items in the RustEZ store, but there is still a minimum of $1.00 you must spend to purchase from the store. I think this should be lowered to $0.90 so subscribers can purchase an item worth $1.00 ($0.90 for subscribers) such as a pookie bear, hobo barrel or supply signal.
  12. Battle steam Offender: A̲q̲u̲i̲l̲i̲n̲e̲#9013 Server: US Survival Time: 4:45 PST Reason: Fly Hacking Additional Info
  13. Battle Steam Offender: ФЕРМЕР ЛИЧ №1 Server: US Survival Time: 4:30pm pst reason: Toxic in chat harassing other players
  14. ScarletFox


    It needs to be a pale horse...
  15. Granny

    August Photo Contest

    Why did the chicken cross the road?
  16. ScarletFox

    Atmospheric colour

    Atmospheric fog changing perceived colours
  17. Zombie friends wanting to party
  18. ScarletFox

    Some zombie friends

    Some zombie friends
  19. Battlemetrics page: https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon/players/811991001 Reason: Being toxic, calling players nazi, fag and being extremely rude to both players and admins. Was warned and continued being toxic. Pictures of chat logs attached below Length: permanent
  20. Hope you can make it ~ we have a good time with this event!
  21. never done this event before so hopefully i can make it
  22. Come on down! You're the next contestant on Let's Make a Deal, Scourge! The game show where players win big, go home a loser, or die on stage in front of the live studio audience. The Rules are Simple... Ten contestants from the studio audience will be randomly chosen have a chance to join Scourge hosts on stage. You will be offered a mystery item and given the choice to keep the item and walk away (*cough* stay alive) or trade it in for a prize locked in a chest or behind a door on the stage. When players choose to make a deal with the host hey don't know if they are trading up for a better item (like a high-value weapon or $10 RustEZ store credit) or if the trade in will be a "NULLER" (slang for a bad trade or an instant death prize). Ten additional players will have the option to win the prize the contestants pass up. Let's Make a Deal, Scourge, will run Thursday, August 22 from 7 to 8 pm Eastern. Hosts will be available 15 minutes prior to show time. Players from other servers are always welcome to join us – as game show participants or audience members. Some prizes, like the RustEZ store credits can be redeemed on any of the servers. Get Ready! Help Scourge hosts out by doing a few things in advance of event start time: Arrive with basic clothes, food and water only. Leave valuables at your base. Scourge admins will teleport everyone to 'Studio 3' at the Scourge Event Arena prior to show time! If you want to gather in Discord (US-Scourge chat), please join voice chat early and have Push-to-Talk (PTT) enabled. Make sure you have signs turned on in your game options. (Game Options > Censorship > Hide Signs *OFF*).
  23. US Pure Tower Madness Event Info Name: Tower Madness Type: Tower Attack Location: (US) Pure Date: August, 24, 2019 Time: 09:00 PM EST Event Duration: 1 hour Whats needed for Event Do not bring anything to the event. Once event is announced Type /Event to enter the event. DO NOT leave the event unless using this /Event Leave in Chat. Event Rules Breaking any of the following rules will disqualify you from the event ((No Reward) This is your warning) - You may not fire once you Tower has been destroyed - You may not switch teams once the event has started (Unless told specifically by a admin) - You can only use the equipment available in your tower. - Attempting to leave the event area with event items will disqualify you from Participation prize. Event Prizes 1st Place: $10.00 EZ store Credit** 2nd Place: $5.00 EZ Store Credit** 3rd Place: 2 Airdrops* or 2 Golden Eggs* Participation Prize: 1 Present*** ____________________________________________ *Prizes may be claimed following the event or after wipe on (September, 05, 2019) . ** EZ Store funds are not handled by in-game admins, We will submit your winnings to website Administrator for processing. (Usually within 24-48 hrs) *** For the present to be received you must open the loot box to have your name logged into the event log. __________________________________________________________________________________ Event Description 1st Bracket: 3 Rounds of 10 vs. 10 Best of 3 Advances. 2nd Bracket: 3 Rounds of 5 vs. 5 The last 3 people standing then advance to final round. 3rd Bracket: 3 Rounds of 3 vs. 3 Whoever has the highest average of points at the end wins Points for last tower standing on the 3rd Bracket. Points: 2 Take down the enemies tower to win.
  24. The TC governing building priv for the SAM site that shot belonged to you. You are the owner of that SAM site. It was your responsibility to ensure that your SAM sites were inactive or unloaded until purge. This is ignoring the fact that I watched you myself. And this is after numerous warnings about multiple other rules. There are no exceptions to our rules. The warnings you received were the admins (myself included) trying to give you a chance to adhere to those rules. I hope you take this as a lesson for any future servers you join. Read the rules before joining. Follow the rules so this doesn't happen elsewhere.
  25. How many times will I have to tell you that I did not know who had ammunition in the sam turret?
  26. You were banned for ignoring our SAM site rule. Yesterday you were warned for flying into a base, and a second time for harassing a player. You were then told to familiarize yourself with the rules of the server before continuing. You chose to ignore these warnings. The TCs attached to the SAM sites were owned by you. Your teammates had to ask me for access to them in order to ensure they were unloaded. Additionally I personally observed a heli fly over your base unharmed, then observed you access a SAM site and a few minutes later a heli was shot down by that same site. The two teammates you had online at the time were occupied elsewhere. Your refusal to read the rules after being told to do so does not give you a free pass to violate them.
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