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  3. never mind server update fixed it
  4. i brought a pump jack at a server wipe it works perfect and upgraded easy ...just brought my second one here and it wont let me upgrade past the original placing of the jack ...so i brought 10 jacks 9 wont go in to grade it
  5. Thank you for appealing your ban. The word you used is a homophobic slur and is not allowed to be used anywhere on RustEZ servers or in the Discord. There is zero tolerance for its use. This includes in game chat, voice chat, and on notes and sleeping bags. In this case, I will add that you did not rename your own bag, but rather were in another player's base, one where you do not have tool cupboard authorization, and renamed their bag to "f****t shack". This is completely unacceptable behaviour and goes against our server rules. We do not tolerate player disrespect or homophobia. Especially the use of a terrible slur with a history of being extremely hurtful and offensive. The ban will not be lifted. -Alexa
  6. I was joking around with my friend on a discord call and he told me to rename my bag "faggot" without thinking I did and I got auto banned. I am sincerely sorry and I will never do it again, I love this server and to be honest its the only one I actively enjoy. I please ask you to unban me.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Hi there, An_Easy_Target and team are here to invite you to come visit your new home in the wild west, located in the actual west of USPure, at K22. Our simple town is full of little details sure to make your visit fun. You'll feel transported back in time, but watch out for those most wanted outlaws featured on our posters. You never know when one might pop up! Animoto_video_1080p.mp4
  9. Offender: Bradkley BattleMetrics Steam Server: AU Pure Time: 17 Sep 2021 @12:24am AEST (16 Sep 2021 @ 2:24pm UTC) Length: Permanent Reason: Repeated stealing after being warned More Info (Optional): Bradkley spoke spanish (language barrier). After posting a no stealing PSA translated into spanish, Bradkley was observed trying to get into another player's base. After being sent 2 in game messages in spanish to leave the base, Bradkley found, and accessed, an unlocked large storage box inside the base, located under a barred window. Bradkley was kicked & stolen items returned. Console warning (translated into spanish given), and Bradkley was teleported away from the base. Bradkley logged back in, and immediately returned to the same base & went for the same window again. After being told clearly by me NO, Bradkley stole the same items from the same box again. Bradkley banned as they clearly did not intend to follow the server rules, or try to understand what the problem was. There was no attempt at communicating with me.
  10. So what's the "secret" ingredient in your sauce? What's the thing that makes it stand out?
  11. Nothing lasts forever. Being an admin is a volunteer job, so there are no obligations to be online at set times, or for a minimum amount of time. That being said, however, it is expected to be online for a decent amount of time, or at least available to respond to in-server issues each month. But IRL obligations come first. After about 18 month's service as an admin on AU Pure, BadMan wanted a change of pace, and is now chilling out as an admin on AU Survival. Frit0 has family priorites, and has stepped back because she knows she cannot give the role the attention it needs right now. Maybe in the future she will return to the role, but that is her decision. jussy126 was always a planned temporary admin when numbers were short. Havok has full time uni studies, and felt it was unfair to remain an admin while not being able to contribute. _Brap_ lost interest in the game & drifted away. There still is Lt Dan, Butter, Squog, Predator, and myself as active admins, plus Leadership & cross admins. But sometimes an admin wants a break from the game, and won't be as active for a while. Better to have a break, than burn out. Currently, I am on the server right now; and have been for 6.5 hours straight today. I am a shift worker, so there are lots of times that I am not available. But usually I am always watching the server chat via BattleMetrics, and will respond if I am needed and am able. TLDR: The server & admin team will always be changing as new players join, and old players move on. It is the way of things. Sometimes for good, sometimes for bad, it is the normal way of life. There has been NO arguments within the admin team, some are just having a break.
  12. Last week
  13. When you're a kid and mum and dad argue it all feels wrong, strange. Au Pure feels a bit like that now. We had fantastic involved admins who were helpful and funny. Now several have resigned and there are often periods where there are none actively in game for longer periods. Not to criticize, someone will generally come if @admin is posted but it feels strange compared to what came before but then we were probably spoilt for a while. Of course Rust Admin isn't an occupation or vocation, and they come and go with the churn of irl commitments, I've done it myself. However, I can't help the feeling something is wrong with mum and dad and I don't understand why, but dinner is still on the table and the rent is paid so all good, we'll put ourselves to bed. But some of us continue to have this sense that something we don't understand has happened quickly and hope all is well with our marvelous admins.
  14. Hello , I ran into a strange bug today when harvesting my crops from my planters. I was picking my hemp that was at about 80 % ripe. I have 32 planters . I picked my hemp and opened my bags as I was running to a box to place my hemp. as I opened the box I could hear a crunching soundish noise and all of a sudden all the cloth in my bags just vanished. I did not even place one stack into the box. I mentioned this in chat and Morganaraven came to my base and looked under the map to see if I accidently dropped it , she found nothing . I'm not looking to have this cloth replaces as I have about 60ish stacks as it is lol but wanted to make this issue know incase its happening to others. this took place at about 9:10 eastern Thank You Flea/Dave
  15. Howdy partners! I'm going all out as well, like Mister. Hadn't planned to but... here we are Mine's more of an old west tourist attraction, like a converted old town. I'm not done just yet! Here's a teaser for the Church :
  16. Wow @Mister Dobalina that looks awesome! I may just have to pop into US Scourge as a naked and hightail it to AA24 so I can see it for myself. (I did my church steeple the same way!)
  17. The EAC Temporary Server Ban is typically due to packet loss (i.e. connection timed out, authentication timed out, and excessive packet loss). This is a Temporary EasyAntiCheat (EAC) ban. It is not a ban we can remove on our end. Simply wait the required 15 minutes and reconnect to the server. We usually advise players to reboot modem and system while they wait.
  18. Played this morning and everything was fine. Not using any cheats, duh. Didn't "add" anything to the game or modify anything. Any idea what happened? Do I have to do anything, take steps to ensure this doesn't happen again? Thx!
  19. Yes, all admins have admin policies and guidelines they follow Sometimes you might see actions taken against one player and not another, but what you are not privy to is that player's history of behavior on RustEZ servers. An example: You might know a valid report was made against Player A for stealing and "nothing happens" that you are aware. Yet Player B is banned for stealing. The difference? Player A was issued an in-game warning for their actions as it was their first time breaking server rules (only Player A sees this warning, not all players on the server). Player B already had a visit from an admin about this rule, and an in-game warning had previously been issued for stealing, and the admin looking into the situation banned them on the most recent occurrence (all players on the server would see the ban, but not the prior warnings issued to Player B in-game that ultimately resulted in a ban). A little more info on the chain admins follow when taking formal actions on a plyer account can be found here, in our Server FAQ. Hope that helps explain the process a bit for you!
  20. Thank you Alexa, I will copy the rules on a large wooden sign and put it in his base . Thank you all for being friendly. helpful and giving him the chance.
  21. Your in-game name: Mister Dobalina Server: US Scourge Map ID: Z24-AA24 Town Name : Scourge Description: I'm kind of going all out on this one. I have built an entire Western town including Sheriff's Office w/ Gallows, Saloon, General Store, School House, Church, Lodge, and a Horse Barn. Stop by during the tour to see the full extent and interior details on each building.
  22. Thank you for appealing. Here is a link to the original ban report and appeal for reference: https://rustez.com/forums/topic/4464-iamnothandsome-banned-us-scourge/ The original ban on May 14, and the alt account which you made to circumvent the ban was banned on June 2, so it has only been a few months, and definitely not over a year. I am willing to lift the ban and give you one final chance to play on RustEZ servers. Bear in mind that any further rulebreaks will result in an immediate permanent ban with no more chances to appeal. I highly recommend you take the time to look over our server rules carefully and reach out if you have any questions about them. ● No raiding, griefing or looting of any kind. ● No mic or chat spam, player disrespect, politics, racism or harassment. ● No camping loot rooms, monuments or any highly concentrated areas. ● You may build in caves but you must ensure safe passage for other players. ● No blocking water ways, building around monuments or large areas of unused land. Please read the splash page as well, as each server type has slight variations regarding specific features of those servers. As well, pornographic images must be kept inside a locked base with no windows and no public access. I trust you will use this rare opportunity well. -Alexa
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