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Website Beta 8


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  1. RustEZ Discord bot has been completely overhauled to improve user experience, performance and with a few added features such as post, ban, and username integration in discord.
  2. EZ Verified integration will no longer throw an error if your discord account is not email verified and will instead reject the authentication.
  3. Accounts who do not complete the discord integration will now expire so in the event of a failed authentication you may apply for a different key.
  4. Some visual improvements
  5. Patched possible XSS weak point to prevent injections.
  6. Further responsiveness progression.


  • Gift option on the store.
  • Credit system to allow members to charge and add credit to their EZ account to make store purchases in the future without having to charge their bank account over and over.
  • Improved store logic to check if the player is online before sending the order.
  • Improved store integration to notify the player of possible issues with their order instead of doing a server broadcast.
  • Cap system integration.
  • Improved design and mobile responsiveness.
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