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    • By Slippery Mc Nuts
      Hey, there is a rash of "cherry picking" going on, on US Scourge anyway.  Players are only taking an item or two from containers.  This is causing a slowdown on the respawn of those containers.  I've seen a mod called loot bouncer that pops everything out of the container within a few seconds of taking anything. 
      Would this be possible to implement?
    • By kingdl1st
      I loved the old VIP experience rate. I get no where now and it is almost pointless. Do I still get a bonus for being VIP? I would never no, it was more fun when I could eventually  max out. 
    • By CowboyRob99
      So I am going to put this here even though (US) Scurge is the server that has me thinking about this. It may be something to consider on all servers or at least the big pop RustEZ servers.
      I just logged into Scurge for the first time this wipe. Traveling to the dome to my friends base, the lag was an issue every time I got around bases. And that was a lot. We do love to build. My issue is not the size or scope of the bases.
      My first thought is that building a 1x1 building for the sole purpose of putting a TC on it to try and block others from building around their base and in the surrounding area should not be allowed. All that does is add more stuff that the map and servers have to process and I have to believe contributes to the lag issues that the server experiences. 
      My other thought (especially on scurge where many people come to play, at least for a while) is that bases that are from people that have not logged in in a set period of time should be removed. I have seen many bases built and then no one ever comes back. It is to easy to build something and stock the TC that has enough resources to last till wipe.  I am not sure the best way to completely address this problem without affecting people who stay on the server all month other than maybe the admins checking randomly and removing abandoned structures. (Something I may be willing to help with as an admin if asked.)
      Just a thought from a player.
    • By Twitch | Cynical Syndicate
      I found this forum post on the rust forums: https://steamcommunity.com/app/252490/discussions/0/2561864094354003290/
      I watched the trailer for this zombie mod and it led me to their site:https://rustzombiesmod.tumblr.com/
      I saw that the mod has no fully active servers running this mod. should we vote to have this type of server?
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