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eu Pure banned Erica and RUVCAN

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Offenders : RUVCAN Steam Battlemetrics

                   Erica Steam Battlemetrics



just to keep this short, we collected a ton of evidence on both, both were warned on russian, their base got locked since it contained all over raid loot.

from what we know of the refund requests they raided at least 6 bases . and the base is still loaded. so much for the first warning both received.

today i was curiousity teleporting to offender1 aka RUFCAN and found him in a players base authing on the tc and putting a lock on. decided to pull the trigger since we are still busy and waiting for players calling us in on  the former cases.  rufcan had 8 hours , Erica 4 and a bit hours on our server. 

ruvcan was watched by be authing on an unlocked tc and shortly after i noticed a lock noise planted on that tc .

erica was acomplice. and i just looked for a reason to ban her too , her reply after the warning i sent my feeling she wont stop so i banned her straight after RUFCAN

descision was made by me in order to protect our humble community against trolls like this

the typos i made were in the heat of the situation i edited the ban reasons afterwards so they both got a valid reason

proof : and a ton of additional evidence of multiple cases availlable upon request(serious, theres loads more evidence i just kept it to the minimum)







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