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Tower Descent: RustEZ Community Event Day – January 18 (AU, EU, US)

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Tower Descent: RustEZ Community Event Day – January 18, 2020 (AU, EU, US)

Join us on Saturday, January 18, 2020 for our community event day! Staff will host the Tower Descent event on three servers at different times during the day to give all players - regardless of region – a chance to participate in a server event to win in-game prizes, RustEZ store credits and Steam keys!

All community members are welcome to participate in the event on more than one server. In-game prizes will be awarded on any server you choose.


AU-Scourge Server - connect
Sat 1:00 AM EST  -  Sat 8:00 AM EET   - Sat 5:00  PM  AEDT    -  Sat 6:00 AM GMT

EU-Pure Server - connect
Sat 2:00 PM EST   -  Sat 9:00 PM EET   - Sun 6:00  AM  AEDT    -  Sat 7:00 PM GMT

US-Scourge Server - connect
Sat 8:00 PM EST   -  Sun 3:00 AM EET   - Sun 12:00 PM AEDT     -  Sun 1:00 AM GMT


Tower Descent is a free-for-all style event. The goal is to knock your opponents down the twig tower, level by level, until they fall to the spike pit on the bottom floor. The event will run for approximately one hour. Plan to attend for the duration, if possible!

  • The 3 players who stay alive the longest will receive the top 3 prizes.
  • Players will be given one hunting bow and 100 arrows.
  • Each player will have ONE fire arrow that will instantly break a platform. Use them wisely!
  • If you land at the bottom of the tower you are out.
  • If you fall and hit the next floor you may shoot the platforms above you, however, if you are out, you may not shoot platforms any longer. 
  • Players who use wall frames to prevent falling will be disqualified.


Each event will run 3 rounds of play. Each round will award the following:

  • First Place: $5 RustEZ Store Credit + 1x Gold Egg + 2 supply signals
  • Second Place: 1x Gold Egg  + 2 supply signals
  • Third Place: + 2 supply signals
  • Players who participate on the server and in our Discord event chat will have chances to win random Steam game key giveaways.


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 If your name is in red, send me a private message (or reply to this forum thread). I need your ign and the server you play on to receive the prizes. ❤️ 

Event #1 - AU Scourge:

Round One

1st: Equinoximus
2nd: BunnieMae

Round Two

1st: Atlas
2nd: BackDoorDamage
3rd: Equinoximus

Round Three

1st: isawhat
2nd: Kungz

Steam Key Giveaway

KUNGZ, TheCactusHugger, The Cheese Guy (Discord name)

Event #2 - EU PURE:

Round one

1st: Garbage
2rd: Gustavus Adolphus
3nd: Kart0ffel.

Round Two

1st: Garbage
2nd: SimpleSixSix
3rd: R4ndom Guy

Round Three

1st: Gustavus Adolphus
2nd: Garbage
3rd: Vilmer

Steam Key Giveaway

Vaalie and HO0OPER


Event #3 - US  SCOURGE:

Round one

1st: RoJoSWE
2rd: HO0OPER
3nd: Bigrudy, Klought9

Round Two

1st: backdoordamage
2nd: HO0OPER
3rd: longlivekiss

Round Three

1st: HO0OPER
2nd: RoJoSWE
3rd: backdoordamage

Steam Key Giveaway

PhatZero, BigRudy, Backdoor

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