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RustEZ Scourge | Updates 5-1

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  1. Fixed recyclers sometimes causing disconnects
  2. Fixed loot all exploit for world vending machines
  3. Fixed resources in quarry drum sometimes being invisible
  4. Fixed resets clearing cooldowns twice
  5. Fixed backpacks not properly cleaning up components on initialization
  6. Fixed horse population reverting on server reboots
  7. Fixed loot all on research table while researching making table unusable
  8. Fixed top sell order for vending machines being un-interactable if list greater than 6
  9. Fixed players sometimes reviving under the map
  10. Fixed loot all sometimes showing for player vending machines
  11. Fixed quarry parent containers not setting owner ID
  12. Fixed /viewbackpack command (admin only)
  13. Fixed /viewinv command (admin only)
  14. Fixed pumpjacks placing as a stash when picked up
  15. Fixed upgrade button not showing on new quarries
  16. Fixed flame turrets causing client RPC error when picked up
  17. Fixed jerry can exceeding capacity
  18. Fixed VIPs not getting 5 signals upon purchase
  19. Fixed backpacks sometimes not opening
  20. Fixed recycler sometimes not opening
  21. Fixed recycler colliding with vehicles if opened while seated



  1. Increased water catcher production x2
  2. Recyclers now persist through player session
  3. Fishing poles can now be recycled
  4. Recyclers now move items into inventory instead of the ground if closed while inactive
  5. Chainsaws no longer stackable



  1. Stability and groundwatch components are now destroyed on world creation for dummy containers
  2. No longer killing traps on ground missing causing errors on neighbor change
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