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RustEZ Pure | Updates 9-14

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Fixed vehicles being indestructible
Fixed oil fireball entity being distinguished by player collision
Fixed recycler being unusable in vehicles and on moving objects
Fixed NPC vending machine sell orders sometimes not refreshing
Fixed quarries being destroyed on restart
Fixed ovens being turned off after restart
Fixed store only giving 1 40mm instead of 20
Fixed store not giving the complete bunny bundle
Fixed traps dealing damage to players if nearby when triggered
Fixed fireballs dealing base damage

Added additional banned words to auto-ban
Players now take splash damage when firing weapons with explosive and incendiary ammo
Players can now take damage by their own traps

Decreased inactive time from 14 days to 10 days
Overhauled PvE system for better handling and performance
Tesla coil now takes damage when powered
Greatly reduced garbage collection

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