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EU Pure CeZZeR


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Offender:CeZZeR Steam
Server:EU Pure
Time: 6:52 AM EST
Length: Perm.
Reason: Stole control over a shop / vending machine that had a small lapse in TC coverage. Admitted this in chat fully knowing the rules. Additionally, found evidence of him trying to take over someone else's base.
More Info:
Player is well aware of the rules, and willfully did what he did, and bragged about it in chat. 
1st image is of the TC they placed to steal control of someone's vending building.
2nd gives time stamp of when he accessed it.
3rd and 4th are another player's base he attempted to take control over. 
Last image shows his chat log of the incident with the vending building.






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Hi Granny,It was just a joke, nothing has ever been king in this server, I know the rules I've been playing in it for a few years, it can be checked. I wanted to show the owner not to do that anymore, not to forget to put TC. I did not intend to steal bases and vending machines, if I wanted to do it I would not write in the chat. you don't know me, we haven't played together so you think I stole,so can u remove the ban pls

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  • Staff

I can only  work with the evidence, and the evidence is clear.

Explaining away breaking server rules by dismissing it as a "joke", is not an appropriate appeal. 
It was not the single issue that was the deciding factor for the ban.

The ban stands.

I wish you all the best in your future gaming endeavors.

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