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EZ Rustmas Build Contest 2020 – All Servers!


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Get your build hammers out and reindeer antlers on! RustEZ is hosting a Rustmas Build Contest for all players on all RustEZ servers. Build an original holiday-themed place and enter to win RustEZ store credits, Steam keys and in-game prizes for next wipe!

The build can be anything you chose -- your base, public shop, community center or any space you choose to create. The only requirement: You must place at least 5 different "Rustmas" items in the build.

How to Enter
You may enter one of your holiday builds. Reply to this forum thread and provide the following details by midnight EST (5 am GMT) Sunday, December 20, 2020. You must provide the following in your build entry post:

  • Your in-game name
  • The server your Rustmas build entry is on: 
    - AU-Pure, AU-Scourge, AU-Survival, EU-Pure, EU-Scourge, EU-Survival, US-Pure, US-Scourge, or US-Survival
    - Admin Builds are a separate category (you may use admin tools for the build).
  • The map grid ID location of the build
  • One screenshot showing the front of the build
  • One screenshot showing an interior piece of the build
    (tips for taking full screenshots)

Example Entry post: "Rustmas Lagoon" Aurora, US-Pure, G16
[Screenshot #1] [Screenshot #2]

Build Tours
Please ensure your build/TC is maintained for the entire December wipe. From Dec 21-28 staff will host a several Build Tour Events. We'll gather in Discord and move around to RustEZ servers to tour the contest builds. Dates and servers will be announced in this post and in Discord prior to start times. 

Finalists will be chosen by RustEZ staff voting. Each server will award the following prizes:

  • 1st Place  $10 Rust EZ store credit
  • 2nd Place $5 Rust EZ store credit
  • 3rd Place 2x Supply signals (for Jan wipe)

RustEZ Community Build Winner
The RustEZ Community build winner will be chose from all first place finalists (9 total, admin builds not eligible) by community voting.

  • 1st Place Golden Egg for Jan wipe, Steam key
  • 2nd Place 2x Supply signals, Steam key
  • 3rd Place 1x Supply signal, Steam key
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  • Staff
1 hour ago, andrewkrey11 said:

how do we get christmas items?


Some holiday items are purchased items (now available in the Steam Marketplace) that players can craft in game -- like Christmas lights, candy canes, window/door dressing and so on. You can check player vending machines on your server if you cannot craft them yourself. The Facepunch Rustmas event is expected to drop on the 17th, making the holiday items easier to find in game.

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  • Staff

These are my builds when it comes to judging the staff builds please consider the second entry in this post "Australian Rustmas Oasis". The "Tree of Joyous Lights" is just a point of interest for the tours.

"Tree of Joyous Lights" Elixil3  |  AU-Survival  |  N13



"Australian Rustmas Oasis"  |  Elixil3  |  AU-Survival (Community Center)  |  K5


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"Macro's Mountaintop Christmas Castle" located in V13 on US-Pure by MacroZ

Uploading Early, all lights and snow blowers will be on on the 20th, as well as finished Santa meeting room and paintings finished. So Please Tour for judging on the 20th for best effect/ finished build

Sorry for extra photo

rust chrim 6.png

rust chrim 5.png

rust chrim 2.png

Edited by MacroZ
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Olmy's Massive Galleria, Rustmas 2020 Edition [US Scourge; Location = J-13]

This is the most massive build I've done with only a sampling of room images here. This structure also includes several secret halls, including one that has pictures of many of my previous builds. Happy Rustmas, everyone, and let's make 2020 hindsight ASAP!!










Enjoy!  This will be a Work in Progress until the end of the wipe!  8P

-- Olmy

Edited by Olmy
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Christmas Build US Pure 

location: M22

username Just A Cook

This build is unique with Christmas/Snow related hand painted signs, some neon signs, a Santa shop, a pool, and has a wooden cross. 🙂

some pics:










Edited by REAL COP
updated pics
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