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Top Shops – May Build Contest (all servers)


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  • Staff

We will be doing a community Build Tours event this evening, Friday, May 21 at 7PM ET (convert to your local timezone here). Join us in Discord Lobby 1 as we make our way around the Rust EZ servers to view all the Top Shop contest builds. Tour participants will vote for their favorites. During the event, Discord & server participants will have a chance to win some in-game and Steam prizes. See you then!

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  • Staff
2 hours ago, Mister Dobalina said:

I somehow missed this..

  • Maximum foundation size of 15 

Does that automatically rule us out of the running?

Yep, but we'll probably still stop by during the build tours tonight (*cough* 2 hours to change it up) 🙂

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  • Staff

Thanks to all who submitted builds for the May Top Shop contest – and to everyone who joined us for our Discord/server Build Tours event. 

A quick note: Players who didn't follow all build contest rules (i.e. Maximum foundation size of 15) or players who let their base decay prior to the tour event are not eligible for store credits, however, in-game prizes will still be awarded for next wipe. 

Prizes were awarded on each server, for convenience listed below by place.

First Place Winners ($10 RustEZ Store credit)

  • AU Pure  - Abes Studio by WastelanderAbe
  • AU Scourge - Flashbang Autoparts by flash bang
  • AU Survival - colds scrap and lgf shop by ColdHeartDeath
  • EU Scourge - Concert Inna Box by Statler
  • US PURE   - Auto Shop & Garage by yagxr
  • US Scourge - Dob's Greenhouse & Garden Supply  by Mister Dobalina
  • US Survival - Pookie Emporium by Razzleberry

Second Place Winners ($5 RustEZ Store credit)

  • AU Scourge - The Hippie Shop by TiffDust
  • US PURE - Kill Karen  by Kr6ssy    
  • US Scourge - Looper's Auto by ruarc
  • US Survival   - Water Shop by Jamtoa    
  • (Tie) Admin - Gas 'N' Go by Cartmon & Pookies Battle Pastry Shop by Aurora 

Third Place Winners (3x Supply signals for June Wipe)

  • AU Scourge - WooK-E-Mart by WooKiE_MaN
  • US Scourge - Strickland Propane by Pydgin
  • US Survival - Pools & More by BFUMAN

Participant's Choice - Most Votes during Build Tour Event (3x Supply signals for June Wipe)

  • US Survival - Pookie Emporium by Razzleberry

Have an idea for a future build contest? Send me a message!

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