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RustEZ Scourge | Updates 6-3


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  • Staff

Here is the compilation of all the updates committed since January. You may have seen some of these changes posted in Discord. Sorry for slacking on these posts!


  1. New HUD
  2. New Sort menu and options
  3. Car population increased 20%
  4. Mini/Scrap helicopter decay now 7 days if outside, 14 days if inside
  5. Horses and boats no longer spawn in the wild (So players dont fight over them)
  6. Firework limit doubled (Will try and find a permanent fix since FP forgot about them)
  7. Solar panel output doubled
  8. Windmill output doubled
  9. Waterpump output doubled
  10. Water catcher output doubled
  11. Added plane queue to prevent lag from mass drops
  12. Garrison fixes so we can re-enable
  13. Container sort options (to deposit and sort inside containers)
  14. Ability to toggle new HUD
  15. Quarry performance improvements
  16. Fixed solar panel, windmill, waterpump, watercatcher outputs
  17. Fixed door closer shut delays
  18. Using stacked key cards will no longer destroy the entire stack
  19. Fixed Quarry output and fuel improperly saving
  20. NPC vending stock now dynamically adjusts to players inventory capacity
  21. NPC sell orders will no longer payout in stacks greater than the max stackable
  22. Pickle stack increased from 100 to 500
  23. Fixed dynamic NPC vending stock
  24. Plugin data is no longer automatically wiped on new save (false wipe prevention)
  25. Fixed kill feed records not working
  26. Improved player data persistence
  27. Fixed several hook subscriptions
  28. Fixed dynamic NPC vending stock
  29. Plugin data is no longer automatically wiped on new save (false wipe prevention)
  30. Fixed kill feed records not working
  31. Improved player data persistence
  32. Fixed several hook subscriptions
  33. Fixed public quarry's wiping if loaded after server startup
  34. Completely disable aurora, rainbow and lightning effects when inside train tunnels
  35. Fixed slot machines breaking on server loads.
  36. Improved public quarry data management
  37. Several server performance improvements
  38. Quarry and PJ max level increased to 10
  39. Stockings now recyclable
  40. Fishing rods now recyclable
  41. Fixed SIL on Pure (Admins only)
  42. Hud wipe progress now coded and functional
  43. World teleports added to /home menu
  44. Electrical Generator output increased to 200 from 100
  45. Inactive purge max offline time increased to 10 days from 7 days
  46. Fixed HUD not showing up after a server reboot
  47. Fixed remove button on home menu
  48. Updated home world teleport icons
  49. Added bandit camp to world teleports
  50. Added outpost to world teleports
  51. Home CUI is now 80% cached for better responsiveness and greatly improved client performance
  52. Animal populations rebalanced. More hostile, less neutral spawns
  53. Zombie population increased
  54. Overhauled inventory quick sort buttons
  55. Added inventory quick sort menu to change quick-action buttons
  56. Inventory quick sort is now cached for better client performance
  57. Added container quick sort buttons (Located underneath the container window)
  58. Added new sorting options to sort items inside containers based on preference
  59. Fixed quarry upgrade button overlapping new sort button cluster
  60. Store invoke now runs on local timer to prevent console spam
  61. Fixed quick loot options not showing on dropped item containers
  62. Fixed players being able to destroy supply crates with salvaged hammer
  63. Fixed team mates not able to loot fuel storage on vehicles
  64. Fixed players being shot after teleporting to world teleport zone when hostile
  65. Fixed stockings not being recyclable
  66. Fixed players being able to pick up spent fireworks with salvaged hammer
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