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Hi Death, could you please be so kind to add sublime.nl (a dutch radio station) to the list of approved mp3 streams of @(EU) Pure ? This is the URL : http://playerservices.streamtheworld.com/api/livestream-redirect/SUBLIME.mp3?


Station Name:  Sublime.nl

Station URL: http://playerservices.streamtheworld.com/api/livestream-redirect/SUBLIME.mp3?

EZ Server and Region: (EU)Pure


Kind regards, Hum.

Edited by HumongousFungus
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station name: Alt 98.7 Detroit

Station URL: https://www.audacy.com/alt987detroit/listen#schedule

Server and region: US pure


this a great alternative radio station from where I live (Detroit area) minimal bad language, and there gimmick is they never play more than 2 min of commercials at a time so that's perfect for this game 🙂 I would really looove to see this station in the game. 

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  • Staff

Station Name: Absolute Radio

Station URL: https://stream-ar.planetradio.co.uk/absoluteradiohigh.aac

EZ Server and Region: Scourge EU



Station Name: Kerrang Radio

Station URL: https://stream-al.planetradio.co.uk/kerrang.aac

EZ Server and Region: Scourge EU

^ Lot of folks requesting metal song etc... so that would fullfill that criteria, and Absolute Radio play a lot of different music but all very good and easy to listen too. I reposted only because I figured out the Station URL thing...

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On 7/2/2021 at 12:02 PM, Sponge said:

Station Name: TruckersFM
Station URL: http://radio.trucksim.fm:8000/stream
Server and Region: US Scourge

I listened to this station and I haven't heard any excessive language, so as of now I can say it is reasonable for the server 🙂
But again I'm not able moderate this station 24/7 for guidelines 😞

Fixed it @Death!

this bugs me so much. idk why nothing against you. but the station is called "TrucksimFM"
"TruckersFM" is a complete different station. both inspired by truck sim. and both in truck sim. but still different stations
pls fix @Death

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