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    2019: Year in Review


    Happy new year! It has been an incredible 12 months for Rust! Not only have incredible strives forward been made this year, but the development team for Rust has grown massively, setting the stage for some amazing updates in the future. A huge thank you to the whole team at Facepunch for continually and tirelessly working on improving this awesome game!

    This post summarizes additions to the game, month by month, in picture form. Keep in mind, much more happened throughout the year, this is just a highlight reel so to speak. Enjoy!


    Radio Frequency Items
    Radio Frequency Items Performance improvements
    Performance improvements


    Minicopter added
    Minicopter added New palm trees
    New palm trees New hemp models
    New hemp models New lights
    New lights


    Oil Rig added
    Oil Rig added Heavy Scientists
    Heavy Scientists


    Grenade Launcher added
    Grenade Launcher added Combat Knife added
    Combat Knife added Large Oil Rig added
    Large Oil Rig added New Scientist NPC models
    New Scientist NPC models


    New Bow model
    New Bow model Sewer and cave lighting
    Sewer and cave lighting


    Horseback riding added
    Horseback riding added UI Overhaul
    UI Overhaul


    Hitch and Trough added
    Hitch and Trough added Minicopter fuel gauge
    Minicopter fuel gauge


    Giant Excavator Pit added
    Giant Excavator Pit added More monuments on Barren
    More monuments on Barren


    Scrap Transport Helicopter
    Scrap Transport Helicopter Auto Turret shifts
    Auto Turret shifts


    Horse breeds and equipment
    Horse breeds and equipment Tesla Coil added
    Tesla Coil added Electric wire directions
    Electric wire directions New death screen
    New death screen


    Battery information added
    Battery information added Tree mini-game fixed
    Tree mini-game fixed Group chat + improvements
    Group chat + improvements Hover quick loot added
    Hover quick loot added Charitable Rust raised ~$150,000!
    Charitable Rust raised ~$150,000! Rust for Consoles announced
    Rust for Consoles announced


    Instruments DLC
    Instruments DLC First person feet
    First person feet

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