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    Abandoned Military Base

    12:00am EST - The first week of Rust development for the month is complete and we’ve got some initial looks at the upcoming monument on the staging AUX branch. 

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Overview of the Abandoned Military Base

    The newest monument coming to Rust has hit the staging AUX branch! The Desert Military Base as per the commits (or Abandoned Military base as it’s known on the map label) is an interesting specimen. Still a work in progress, all the information below is subject to change (and I plan on updating this article throughout the month as it does). 

    Currently there are two of these monuments spawning on a default map size (4500). As the name alludes, they only spawn in the desert biome. Interestingly enough, they are procedurally generated, consisting of several different types of modules and one humdinger of a new weapon. Given the procedural generation, no two are alike, and they can vary in overall size. There are few loot opportunities at the moment, so it seems the main purpose is the new MLRS weapon (more on that below).

    Once again, and I can’t stress this enough, the current state of the monument is rudimentary and much is likely to change prior to this going live (most likely in the next update). 

    View fullsize 700580_20211013213006_1.png
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    View fullsize 700580_20211013213014_1.png


    Loot opportunities and AI

    Unlike most other monuments, loot opportunities at this base are slim to nil. There are currently no loot boxes spawning so your only source of items is from the couple of NPC’s found around. There will be between 2 to 5 blue-clad foes at each military base, depending on procgen. They feature the same loot drops which you’ve come to expect from the other Scientists and Dwellers around the map.


    MLRS overview

    Now let's get to the real meat and potatoes of this monument. If you’ve read above, there's not much in the form of loot opportunities. So what the hell is the monument for? Well, as it stands - and keep in mind this is all subject to change - this thing is simply for blowing the fuck out of people and bases in the nearby vicinity. 

    Long and short, you load it with the required goods (artillery rockets and an aiming module), set a target on the map, then blow said target to kingdom-come. 


    Stocking the MLRS

    Before you can blow a local base or person up, you’ll need the required goods to operate the MLRS. First, the MLRS Aiming Module must be inserted in the cabin. Second, you’ll need some Artillery Rockets to load from the back outside of the MLRS.

    As it stands, both of these item types can only be spawned in. This of course will change prior to this update going live, so we’ll post more details once they hit AUX.


    Targeting and range of MLRS

    Once you’ve acquired and loaded the required materials, you’re ready to blow some shit up! To do so, simply mount the MLRS and look for the #SET_TARGET option to pop up. Upon clicking ‘e’ on the set target, a map will load up and you can either click to select a target or use WASD to aim for a target.

    There is a range of around 5 map grids in any direction. Upon clicking a target, the MLRS will take a second or two to rotate in the correct direction. When you’d like to fire, simply press ‘e’ on the lever in the cabin which shows #FIRE_ROCKETS. This will fire a random amount of loaded rockets at the specified target. Occasionally a few rockets will fail to fire properly, so not all rockets will be a confirmed hit.


    Damage stats of the MLRS

    It’s hard to gauge the exact damage stats of the MLRS. This is because several rockets fire and land close together, and much of the damage done appears to be splash damage. Nevertheless, it will break the shit out of nearby buildings. 

    From the looks of things now, it seems like around 6 rockets will destroy a stone wall. As with all of this, it’s subject to change and we’ll update here as it does.

    Driving the MLRS

    Although it looks very much like a vehicle which could be driven to places, at the moment the MLRS is very much static. You can mount it to load and fire rockets, however, you cannot move the thing anywhere.

    Other things about the monument

    • I can’t stress this enough: All of this is subject to change!

    • As it stands, it’d probably be a bad idea to build in the general vicinity of a MLRS

    • There are still a lot of missing items / assets including icons, textures, and world models

    • There is not a train stop at the each military base


    Other development news

    The new monument isn’t the only thing being worked on in the realm of development this week. Here is a summary of some other commits.

    • Change hurt trigger on deployable elevator lift to a Crush Trigger to prevent damaging players standing on elevator lift

    • Fixed ore node sparkles occasionally appearing in the air away from the node

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