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    Armored Passengers and MIDI tools


    Another productive week of Rust development as we get some hints at future features along with a slew of fixes. 

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. 

    Armored passenger module

    A new module for vehicles is in the works. The Armored Passenger module will presumably provide a similar level of cover to the Armored Cockpit - just for players riding along. It’s still on a separate branch, so no visual yet. That said, we do know it will have working armored windows. 

    More on this as it gets merged in to staging.


    Cinematic controllers

    Patrick tweeted some exciting progress for content creators this week. Highlighting Jarryd’s latest MIDI mapping convars, he was able to show off using a Korg nanoKontrol 2 controller shifting around various cinematic components. These robust tools stand to help content creators make videos more efficiently and dynamically than ever before.


    Barricade changes

    After being merged to staging last week, the new Wooden Barricades have had a little balance shift. Long and short, they have less health, decay faster, and cost more. Here’s the news stats:


    Crafting Cost
    250 wood

    Crafting Time
    25 seconds

    Level 1 required

    Stacks to



    Boat Shop monument

    It appears as though a new monument is in the works. Working on the Monument Boat Shop branch, Vincent has pushed some files related to a fishing village monument. Could boats soon be obtained in a similar way as helicopters and the new Airwolf? That looks probable. And what better way to add boat purchasing into the game than with a fresh monument. No art or visuals yet, but we’ll keep you posted as we know more.


    Misc fixes / tweaks

    The team also completed a ton of miscellaneous changes and fixes. Here is a summary.

    • Make sure modules have SOME health when initially spawned in

    • Fix drink icon on water catcher panel being under the item icon

    • Also disable moving on the item icon because it's water

    • Move heavy helmet overlay above the scope overlay

    • Fix RF transmitter frequency sometimes not showing up on the item icon

    • Adjust turret lerping so it isn't framerate dependent (will need testing on staging)

    • Don't show hostile note if LocalPlayer no longer exists (like in a demo)

    • Don't open crafting or inventory while debug camera is active

    • Fixed skin not getting applied to thrown satchel charge. Skin also gets applied when picking up a dud satchel charge

    • Fixed skins not applying to bone knife and club in third person

    • Added Hapis Farming vending machine for map makers

    • Faster water pumps and pumps yield more water per pump

    • Reduced Transport Heli outer bounds to match its actual size, they were massive.

    • Updated HBHF sensor description to match the true detection range

    • Slightly increased HBHF range (15m)

    • Increase HackableCrate mass from 500kg to 1500kg

    • Pressing the up arrow key while typing a demo name in the demo recorder UI will now fill in the last recorded demo name (for easily naming takes like 001, 002, etc)

    • Fixed a bug in F9 screenshots, they now disable AA as they're supposed to.

    • Added some more console responses when using the inventory loadout commands.

    • Added inventory.listloadouts to list all saved loadouts. Loadouts will now save the contents of an item, so weapon attachments will now be saved/loaded

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