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    Bandit Camp is here!


    Update day has arrived, and with it, some great new additions to the game. Along with the amazing looking new monument, Bandit Camp, we’ve got a new compound bow, swamps, the rigid hulled inflatable boat, underwater vegetation, puzzles on Hapis, and more!

    Our update stream goes live at 2 PM EST. Stay tuned to @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Bandit Camp

    The newest monument in Rust has finally arrived and it looks spectacular. Shrouded in a permanent layer of fog, Bandit Camp (as it’s labeled on the map - not ‘Bandit Town’ as previously referred to) provides a semi-safe zone for players to trade, purchase goods, and even gamble.

    Although it doesn’t feature any loot or puzzles, Bandit Camp introduces different gameplay dynamics and a fresh new atmosphere to Rust. Please note, this is an initial implementation so things are subject to change. Also, Bandit Camp does not appear on every map - try a new seed if it’s not showing up on your server.

    Below you'll find an overview video, pictures, and explanations of the different aspects of Bandit Camp.


    Bandit Guards

    One thing you’ll notice upon entering Bandit Camp is the armed guards scattered about. Although these guys aren’t dressed like the scientist NPC’s you see around the Compound, they do behave in a similar manner. They are there to keep the peace and will eliminate any one in the area who attacks them or other players.

    Unlike the Compound guards, these bandits don’t mess with you for just having a weapon out. Referred to as a ‘soft-safe zone’, the majority of this new camp permits wielding weapons, looting bodies, and even killing others (as long as the guards don’t see you). Also, if you do happen to get caught and killed by a guard, there is no cooldown for re-entry - you can simply come back without getting attacked again.



    A completely new dynamic has been added with Bandit Camp: Gambling! Taking place in one room (in the second floor of the biggest building), roulette can now be played by up to 6 people at a time.

    To play, simply sit down at one of the chairs in front of the big wheel and interact with the metal console on your side. A countdown timer runs for 45 seconds prior to the wheel spin, giving you time to place your bets. Using scrap as currency, you can place your bet on any one of the 5 options (each with different odds and payouts).

    As you may expect, security is a bit higher in the gambling area. In fact, throughout the entire building there is a safe zone similar to that of the Compound - no brandishing weapons or any violence of any sorts is permitted. Failure to follow these rules will result in your switch execution and a cooldown period before you’re welcome to return.  


    252490_20180801174651_1.png 252490_20180801174658_1.png


    NPC Shops

    Also introduced with Bandit Camp is NPC shopkeepers. With 4 shops total, this new attraction allows you to buy a variety of goods. To purchase something, simply walk up to one of the shop fronts. You’ll be greeted with a friendly wave from the shopkeeper. Press ‘E’ when looking at the NPC and a buy menu will show up.

    Here’s a list of what’s for sale and the prices of each item. Also note, only 1 person can buy from the a shop at once - so wait your turn!


    Other stuff

    There’s also a recycler and research table in Bandit Camp.


    Abandoned Cabins

    Bandit Camp isn’t the only new landmark on the map this week - abandoned Cabins have been added to maps also. This small monument tends to appear once per map seed and features some low level loot along with a green card on a desk (in the second floor of one of the cabins). Like the Bandit Camp, you can’t build in anywhere in this area.


    252490_20180801202510_1.png 252490_20180801150533_1.png






    Also added to the map, two new swamp areas will now randomly spawn on procgen. Similar to the ice lakes in the arctic biome, players can build anywhere in these areas. With the same feel as the Bandit Camp and Abandoned Cabins, these new areas greatly add to the contrast of procedural map generation, and they provide some loot too!


    252490_20180801153954_1.png 252490_20180801172430_1.png





    Compound bow

    A new generation of bow has arrived! The Compound Bow is a low tier weapon and default blueprint which packs quite a punch (when used correctly). Similar to the hunting bow, you simply aim and pull back on the string to fire. Unlike the hunting bow, you can hold the string back on the compound bow to gain strength.

    Hold the string back and take aim and you’ll see a strength meter will show up just under the iron sights. As the meter goes up, so does the velocity and damage of the arrow you’re firing. Here’s the catch though: if you move at all while priming the bow, the strength resets to zero.

    Damage wise this bow yields less impact on HP than the hunting bow at minimal strength. That said, priming the bow to full strength has devastating results on opponents, with the ability to down a geared player in one shot.

    Here are some details and pictures:


    100 Wood
    75 Frags
    2 Rope

    Arrows (duh)


    Level 1 required


    252490_20180801203722_1.png 252490_20180801203759_1.png





    Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boats

    Helk has added spawns for the newest type of Rust watercraft, the Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat (or RHIB for short). Originally planned as a server event where players must battle scientist NPC’s to commandeer this vessel, these boats will be found just like the rowboats are - for this month at least (the server event is still planned in the future).

    With 5 RHIB’s spawning on a map at a given time, they feature seating for 6, 1000hp, a small wooden storage, and a speed much greater than that of the rowboat. Enjoy these while you can because August will probably be the only month where you can simply find them along the shore.


    252490_20180718231256_1.png 252490_20180620184706_1.png





    Plant information

    Gone are the days of guessing how far along your crops are or if they are properly hydrated! Farmers of Rust have gotten a powerful new tool as Helk has added an information panel when looking at items which have been planted. This panel includes the plants age, progress, hydration, and yield percentage.


    Underwater vegetation

    Diving in Rust has gotten a bit more interesting this month as Vince added a slew of new underwater vegetation. Mixed in with the already existing underwater loot, this new aquatic foliage makes the murky depths of Rust look much more lush.


    252490_20180801180410_1.png 252490_20180801180405_1.png





    Hapis puzzles

    Alistair has completed the first round of work at adding puzzles to the Hapis island map. Similar to those of procedural maps, these puzzles require the proper color key cards to access the subsequent loot. Currently there are puzzles at Military Tunnels, Site B, Water Well, Refinery, and Loading Dock (no puzzles at Launch Site yet).

    This is a first iteration, so don’t be surprised if you see changes or more puzzles added to Hapis over the next month or so.


    Compass improvements

    The HUD compass, added last month, has been polished a bit for this update. It still functions the same, but you’ll notice it looks a bit better.

    Other things

    • Streamer mode now works on the team list.
    • ESP disabled for team members (must have line of sight to see green dot)
    • Added team member names overtop of map indicators
    • You are here marker always displays ontop of team markers
    • Fixed corpse warnings / NREs from 27668
    • Potential fix for silly macOS+AMD MRT blending bug/unity_2018.2.0
    • Fridge exploit fix
    • Waterjug bug fix
    • Riot helmet LOD clipping fix RUST-48
    • RUST-41 Fixed see through gap between single sheet metal door and doorways
    • RUST-42 Fixed food crate spawner max per tick value being over the top
    • RUST-39 Attempting to fix fallen logs blocking APC pathing at LS by making building topology wider on terrain
    • RUST-54 Section of LS ladder cannot be climbed (missing volume)
    • RUST-115 Fixed inaccurate colliders on powerline base
    • RUST-110 Fixed out of bound exploit at MT
    • Wire barricades no longer damage players through floors
    • Wire barricades slightly easier to place on rough terrain

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