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    Basey McDefense 2: Electric Boogaloo

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    It’s a fresh month for Rust development, and we’re off to a shocking start.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

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    Tesla Coil added

    A new form of base defense has arrived and it’s electrifying! The Tesla Coil is a small electronic device which can be placed most anywhere around a base.

    When power is running through it (via the single power input), the Coil will slow down and shock anyone within a little over a foundations distance of it. The amount of damage dealt is directly related to the amount of power running to it. This allows it to behave anywhere from a tickle monster to a Topsy death machine.

    Costing 10 High Quality Metal and 1 Tech Trash, this new device has decent durability (250hp) and stands to be a thorn in the side of all offline raiders. Current damage stats have it requiring a decent amount of firepower to destroy (i.e. 50 556, 25 explosive 556, or 5 F1 grenades). Also, it loses durability quickly while it is on (~2hp lost per second of run time).

    Don’t get too caught up on the numbers quite yet though, things are very likely to change prior to the update. 

    Here are some details:


    10 high quality metal
    1 tech trash

    Crafting time
    30 seconds

    Level 1 required

    Research cost
    20 scrap

    Damage @ 6 power
    1hp per second

    Damage @ 100 power
    25hp per second


    252490_20190908195517_1 copy.png 252490_20190911182353_1 copy.png




    Crafting improvements

    Adam is working on a series of improvements to the crafting process. Along with some reorganization (such as adding an electrical category to the crafting UI), he’s adding new features like favorites. He’s also making some quality of life improvements such as the ability to right click an item in the crafting queue to fast track it to the start of the queue.

    This work is still on a separate branch, but stay tuned for all the details once it’s merged into staging.

    Vehicles progress

    Bill continues his work on the vehicles branch. As you may recall, this body of work represents a whole slew of new modular transport on the horizon. The focus this week appears to be on having various modules communicate with each other when they are connected. He’s also tweaked some physics and audio.

    As with much of the other active projects, this work is still on a separate branch, so no visuals quite yet. Expect more on this in the coming weeks.

    Screen settings improvements

    Adam is also working on some enhancements to the screen settings menu added last week. As mentioned in the devblog, he’s already added the option to set exclusive, borderless, and windowed modes. 

    Expect this and more to come with the next update on October 3rd.

    Player preview spin

    The player preview display in the tab menu will soon be more dazzling as Adam is adding a spin feature. 

    Instruments progress

    Thai continues banging along on the instruments branch. Working mainly on drums and piano this week, he’s creeping closer to having a whole orchestra in Rust as reality.

    Other stuff

    • Helicopter optimizations

    • More HDRP progress

    • Skeleton optimizations

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