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    Blackjack and cabooses!


    12:00am EST - Another week in Rust development and the team is moving forward on several fronts.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the week.


    Caboose and blackjack incoming

    Live now on the aux2 branch, a new type of train wagon, the Caboose. First of its kind, the Caboose features activities to participate in while on board. With two slot machines and the first iteration of a new card game, Blackjack, the Caboose will be a party on the rails!

    Unfortunately, access to aux2 has been limited, so we are unable to grab any visuals or more information. Given aux2 is the place for bleeding edge features, the Caboose is still a work in progress. No word on when we’ll see it live in the game, but we’ll keep you posted over the coming weeks.


    More storage increases

    In the wake of the huge buffs to small and large wooden storage, several other storage related items are getting adjustments too. Specifically, car storage, camper storage, and saddle bags have all been increased. Here are the details:

    Car storage


    Camper storage


    Saddle bags



    Zipline improvements

    Some more shifts to Ziplines are sliding down the pike this week. Expanding on the tweaks last month, the devs have increased the ‘prevent building’ area around ziplines. This should equate to less instances of bases and trees ending up in the way of ziplines. Also, the loot for the platforms has been buffed!

    Here are some examples of what we found:

    • 4 barrels, 1 small wood crate, 1 tool crate

    • 2 barrels, 2 red barrels, 2 tool crates

    • 3 barrels, 1 red barrel, 1 tool crate, 1 mili crate 

    • 4 barrels, 1 tool crate, 1 small wood crate

    • 4 barrels, 1 normal crate, 1 small wood crate


    Horse improvements

    Progress this week on multiple fronts when it comes to horses. First, horses no longer fall through the soft middle section of ramps. Also, horse idle sounds will no longer be audible inside of bases.


    Pets progress

    Progress on our upcoming furry friends in Rust continues forward this week on the Pets2 branch. With focus on harnesses and the taming process, it seems like the pets functionality is taking form. Based on previous commits we know of at least 3 dogs included so far (Retriever, German Shepherd, and Mastiff). It appears as though you’ll use a harness to tame / control them.

    Still on a separate branch, we have yet to obtain any visuals or other details. We’ll keep you posted as ‘pets’ gets closer and closer to staging.


    Other stuff

    • Fixed hardcore tag in server browser not toggling

    • Moved grass shadows setting from "experimental" section to "graphics" section in the options menu

    • Solar panel exploit fixes

    • Camper BBQ output slots increased to 2

    • Randomized animal idle animations so they no longer play in sync

    • Fixed wooden signs not being able to be picked up

    • Add skipqueueid and removeskipqueue commands to set/unset a SteamID to always skip the queue and saves in users.cfg

    • Compass now orients correctly based on current player being spectated in a demo, rather than always based on the player who recorded a demo

    • Added fps.limitInBackground client convar that reduces fps cap to 15 while the game isn't in focus

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