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    Blueprint wipe and balance

    12:00am EST - Update day is upon us and with it, a forced blueprint wipe, balance, fixes, and more!

    Our update stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Forced blueprint wipe incoming

    With the update today comes the first forced blueprint wipe in a while. As per Facepunch, they’d like to see everyone get a fresh start to kick things off as the player counts become higher than normal during the holiday season. 

    That means players on all servers will have a completely fresh gameplay opportunity come the update today.

    Compound Bow balance

    There are a number of various balance shifts accompanying the forced blueprint wipe. Here is a summary of what's been done:

    • Compound bow is no longer a default blueprint

    • Compound bow now costs more metal fragments (was 25, now 75)

    • Compound bow now loses condition while drawn back for more than 3 seconds, breaks after 60 seconds

    Excavator buff

    Heading down to the ole’ Excavator Pit will be much more advantageous post-update as the monument received some buffs. Along with increasing the spawn priority so it appears on more seeds, the Excavator now yields 2.5 times the resources it previously did. This buff does include some extra challenges as there appear to be more scientist NPC’s guarding the monument now.

    Here are some examples based on 1 diesel burned:




    Sulfur Ore



    Metal Frags






    Code raid fix

    Code raiding will be much less feasible after the update today as some important dynamics have shifted. Specifically, there will now be a lockout of new code entry for a period of time after a certain number of failed attempts. 

    Based on our testing, 8 failed attempts will lock out the codelock. When that happens, both lights are lit red. The lockout is removed after about 15 minutes.

    First-person spectate

    For the first time in the history of the game, proper first-person spectate is due in with this update. Although this won’t impact the normal player at all, it will definitely help content creators develop more dynamic shots. It could also potentially help server admins catch certain types of cheating, however, it doesn’t appear that’s the intended purpose of this feature.

    MLRS changes

    The multiple rocket launch system which went live last month is seeing some tweaks with the update today. Specifically, the target area radius has been slightly increased along with making rockets cluster less towards the center of the potential hit area. Long and short, the MLRS rockets will spread out a bit more when landing on a target.  

    Rust turns 8!

    Rust’s 8th birthday is coming up this month on the 11th! Preparing for the celebrations, the team has added in an 8th birthday cake along with some balloons. It remains to be seen exactly how these will be implemented, but they will likely be implemented for a short period of time near the exact date.

    New permanent store

    In case you missed it, earlier this month an in-game permanent item store went live in game. You can now easily buy any weekly limited release skins, along with having easy access to Facepunch curated permanent items which are bound to your account and will never leave the store. 

    With the update today, you’ll notice some subtle fixes to this store, mainly in the realm of visual fixes.

    Other stuff

    • Cargo plane and supply drop now save position on server restart

    • New achievements added

    • Fixed some mission typos, incorrect text and wrong reward amount

    • Fixed rideable horse corpses not being lootable

    • Some testing with increasing forest density (not noticing a huge change)

    • Fix for case where inserting a loaded weapon into an auto turret would sometimes lose the ammo already loaded into it

    • Split off electricity and car parts from T2 techtree

    • T3 techtree changes - MP5 cost and position changes

    Charitable Rust 2021 results

    I’m very happy to share that Charitable Rust 2021 was a resounding success. Although the numbers aren’t final yet for the skin sales, it does appear as though we’ve raised upwards of $190,000 for Preemptive Love. A huge thank you to everyone who participated! For more information and acknowledgements, please check out my previous post. We’ll make sure to update you once the totals are finalized.

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