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    Boat Shops incoming


    We’re halfway through the month and seeing progress on various fixtures, optimizations, and new features.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day


    Spotlight electricity

    Searching for naked Newman’s at night no longer guzzles gas. Now, instead of low grade fuel, 10 power is required to light it up. Spotlights can also now be picked up, which is nice. They can, however, now only be placed on construction blocks.


    Boat Shop monuments

    Next type of monument due in game, Boat Shops, appear to be coming together quickly. As it stands there will be 3 versions of this monument to grace the map and it will be here that you acquire boats in the near future. Still in a separate branch, no word exactly when these will make it in the game. More on this as it comes to light.

    Studio backdrops

    Continuing the effort of providing content creators with more tools, studio backdrops have been added in. You can’t quite hop on staging and spawn one in, but they are now available as assets used in custom map making. As an added tool in their arsenal, these should allow content creators to develop more video effects, easier than ever before.


    Destroyable road signs

    Driving along roads will soon be a little more forgiving as the initial stages of destroyable road signs is being worked on. Happening on a separate branch, we’ve only seen the initial commit for this functionality, so no word on when it will arrive.

    Other stuff

    • If a player is text muted also mute their voice

    • Fixed unable place deployables a floor below SAM site

    • Increased road sign culling distance from 50m to 75m with the goal of reducing pop-in right before a car or heli crashes into one.

    • More work on HDRP

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