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    Brick skin, Emojis, and more!


    12:00pm EST - Update day has arrived, and with it, a new building skin, a bunch of art fixes, chat emojis, and more!

    The update and forced map wipe is expected to hit at normal time (2pm EST / 7pm BST). Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Brick building skin

    A new building skin DLC goes live with the update today! The Brick Building Skin DLC, soon to be on the item store, is the latest skin for the stone tier. Like its older brother, Adobe, it is purely a visual change to bases - there are no shifts to damage stats or colliders. 

    That said, this skin looks freaking awesome! The details of the brick-work on various building elements is divine. The arches over windows, the slate sills below, the keystone over doorways, the calm vibes of the interior elements -- this brick skin has a lot to love and will likely become a new base favorite for many.


    View fullsize 700580_20230725175516_1.png View fullsize 700580_20230725161857_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230717211538_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230717211424_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230717211436_1.png
    View fullsize 700580_20230717211525_1.png




    Chat emojis

    In-game chat will be more visually stimulating after this update as chat emojis have been implemented! Out of the gate there are 23 animated emojis to choose from. Not just your average emoji, these animated characters are completely custom to the game. To select them, just click on the smiley icon next to the chat input.

    Also included in this new feature-set, is the ability to use any item icon from the game in chat as well. To do so, simply type a colon (:) and then start typing any item name to see the options show up in an autocomplete window.

    Servers aren't just limited to the base emojis, too. Custom server emojis are able to be added by each server owner, further spicing up the in-game chat.


    View fullsize 700580_20230519141438_1.png View fullsize 700580_20230519142144_1.jpg





    Variable world models

    Ammo world models are more dynamic this month as they now vary based on stack size. Toss a couple bullets down? It shows up as a mostly empty box. Drop a full stack? Full box. It’s subtle but a very nice quality of life addition.


    Art fixes

    A bunch of miscellaneous fixes to various visual things around the map are coming in this month. The actual list is crazy long, but here are some highlights you might take note of playing post-wipe:

    • Power lines now look a lot better (not as pixelated as before)

    • Fixed holes and rubble pile in the lighthouse

    • Adjusted position of 16x scope on hmlmg (no clipping on the face)

    • Keycard view model position fix. Now work with nomad hazmat and tactical gloves

    • Fixing the ocean visuals disappearing when exiting the NMS

    • Added a wooden ramp to left side of the locomotive

    • Updated texture, position, size for supermarket/rocket launch office ceiling lights

    • New laser detector model to more closely resemble the icon

    • Updated texture to deployable lockers from metallic to specular workflow  


    Clan system / nexus (not yet)

    If you follow commits, you’ll know the server to server transfer stuff (aka nexus) and a new clan system have been merged into the main branch. That said, they are not making a debut to all servers with this update. It’s likely Facepunch has more testing and stuff before it’s ready for the prime-time. Check out the devblog where there will likely be more information on this.


    Other stuff

    • Burst module weapons have slightly reduced time between shots and a bit less recoil overall

    • Display recovery probability and time left on wounded screen

    • No longer cancel the crafting queue when a player goes to sleep (refund the whole crafting queue of sleepers when a player loots them)

    • Added an extra collider to the tugboat roof to prevent clipping through during sinking

    • Remove old, very out of date and no longer used list of radio stations

    • More lenient placement checks for large water catcher

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