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    Caboose, RC Drones, and more!

    12:00am EST - With the update just one week away, the team is working on new features and functionality.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Halloween fixes

    You may have noticed a couple hotfixes over the weekend. These were mostly to fix up or tweak some things with the Halloween event running till November 3rd. Here is a summary of what went in:

    • Coffin Buff - increased storage size (same as large box) and allow vertical placement

    • Reduce scarecrow Fast movement speed  

    • Fixed event audio slider in options not properly applying convar 

    • Fix for clients stalling/crashing - introduced in the Halloween update

    • Fixed NPC attire lootable

    • Fixed scarecrow death info

    • Fixed cursed cauldron causing players to be unable to build nearby

    • Fixed Franks typos, torso and legs are now correct

    • Fixed baseball bat typos

    Caboose added

    Soon to be found on an above rail network near you, the Caboose is now on staging! Like other train wagons, you’ll find this one milling on tracks around the map. Unlike other wagons, the Caboose features some fun and games for you and other passengers. 

    Along with 2 slot machines and a 4 seat poker table, the Caboose features Rust’s newest card game: Blackjack. It also has some nifty lights and looks cool at night (toggled via switches at the front and back). Attach it to any train to boost entertainment greatly - just watch out for bandits, as there is no safe-zone in sight. With 1.2k hp, it’ll take 2 rockets and 10 explosive rounds to destroy.


    A fresh way to gamble your hard-earned scrap is coming; highlight of the Caboose. The classic card game pits players against the house - win scrap by creating card totals higher than the house while not exceeding 21.

    Played solo or with up to 2 others, Blackjack allows you to win scrap while traveling around Rust in style. Being an initial implementation, more features are planned to be added such as splits and double downs.

    Remote Control Drones

    First sighted this week, commits related to remote control drones. From the looks of it, you’ll soon be able to fly these guys around from a computer station. Still in the very early stages, no visuals or further details quite yet. As always, we’ll keep you posted.

    Other stuff

    • Disabling Halloween event for November update

    • More work on lighting and fire vfx

    • Continued work on ferry terminal 

    • Fix for playerlist returning negative player connected time

    • Some tweaks to electricity in the works

    • A couple chat QoL tweaks

    Charitable Rust: Next month!

    Our yearly charity event, Charitable Rust, happens next month on November 19th and 20th! Join us for exclusive Twitch drops, skins, events, races, mazes, PvP, and more! All raising funds for World Central Kitchen. Mark your calendars and join us on the official event servers all weekend - the event is open to all!

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