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    Campers and QoL


    12:00am EST - It’s a fresh month for Rust development and we’re seeing some new content and quality of life shifts.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the week..


    Campers on staging

    A new vehicle module has made its way to staging and it has some never before seen functionality! The Camper is a 2 socket module for vehicles which provides the first ever truly mobile spawn point. With up to 4 spawn points, a campfire, and a locker with 3 sets, the Camper module allows you and a friend to travel around the map and spawn back wherever you parked. 

    It’s still a work in progress so more info once it’s in. In the meantime, here’s the current stats on staging:


    175 metal frags
    125 wood


    Crafting time
    30 seconds

    Tier 2


    Crawling nerf

    The second and potentially more significant nerf to wounded crawling has made its way in this week. After drastically reducing the health of wounded crawlers with the update last week, the team has come in and put some limitations on operating doors. There is now a 3 second delay for anyone who’s crawling and trying to operate a door. As you can imagine, this stands to shift the odds in many life and death situations. 

    General quality of life

    A bunch of other general quality of life items have been addressed this past week. Covering a wide variety of situations, these shifts are a welcomed addition to the game. Here is a summary of what’s been done:

    • Don't show the mount option if a vehicle is at full capacity. Show a new occupied option with a cross when looking at a full vehicle

    • Don't show swap seats option on duo submarine if all of the seats are full.

    • Fix for vehicles sliding off cargo ship

    • Fixed modular car wheels spinning when sitting still on top of moving objects (similar cargo ship)

    • Basic support for picking up player painted signs and retaining their texture. Only covered basic signs right now, picture frames and neon signs still unsupported

    • Now supports picking up neon signs, saves all frames

    • If attempting to build something too close to a monument, print the translated name of the monument in the error eg."Cannot build this close to Bandit Town"


    Desert military base

    Work continues this week on the newest monument due to hit Rust in the near future. The Desert Military Base, as it’s known, stands to provide players with not only loot and NPC opportunities, but also appears to feature a new explosive vehicle. 

    Being worked on on a separate branch, the MLRS is also taking form. A vehicle that can launch multiple rockets at once, it’s not quite clear yet how this will be utilized in game. We’ll keep you up to date as more comes to light.


    Missions back on AUX

    After being pulled from the update last month, missions functionality is back on the AUX branch. If you’re not familiar, the AUX branch is another version of staging which features the latest and greatest (and vastly untested) functionality coming to Rust. To access it, opt in by right clicking you Rust Staging client on the steam library, go to properties, betas tab, and select it from the drop down.

    We’ll have more details on missions in the coming weeks as it gets flushed out.

    Other stuff

    • Some Razor RGB keyboard and mouse fixes

    • Fixed a case where the first connected speaker in a chain wouldn't play correctly if it was connected to a boom box

    • Less strict locker placement

    • Reduced crafting time of all modular car engine components from 30s to 10s

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