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    Campers, fixes, and more!


    12:00am EST - It’s a fresh month in Rust development and the team is working on new features along with a bunch of fixes.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.



    In the wake of the update last week there have been a couple of optional server and client updates recently. Fixing a number of bugs introduced last week, it's recommended you run these updates if you’re a player or server owner. Here is a summary:

    • Server performance fixes

    • Fixed player model not being visible sometimes

    • Fixed subs continuing to fire if dismounted with button down

    • Some visual clipping issues with widescreen monitors

    • Duo sub interior lighting fixes

    • Sharks sleep while players are not near (for performance)

    • Some other minor bug fixes


    Bug fixes

    There’s also a number of other bug fixes being worked on which have not been released to the wild yet. Here is a summary of what’s been worked on:

    • Fixes for animation issues on boogie boards, inner tubes, and kayaks

    • Fix to the Diesel engine fuel storage container

    • Underwater crate loot panel size increased from 6 to 12

    • Block back movement on player temporarily if they just caught a fish

    • Fix for corrupt saves related to modular cars


    Camper progress

    For the first time in months we’re seeing progress on the upcoming camper module! It’s only one tweet to the ‘vehicles’ branch, however, it looks like the initial camper, item setup, and some sleeping bag tests have been completed. 

    Although we haven’t seen any visuals or more specifics on this, it’s speculated the camper will be a module for vehicles which will allow for sleeping bag placement and maybe some other ‘base related’ activities such as item storage. We’ll keep you posted as more information comes to light.


    Submarine shifts

    Not surprisingly, some changes to the new aquatic vehicles are coming next month. Situated on a ‘submarine september’ branch, there are a couple tweaks in the works so far. Specifically, bullets will now deal more damage to submarines. In the realm of sonar, blips will only show for other subs which have their engines on.

    There’s also been some duo sub-specific changes such as rear passengers can now turn around all the way but they are no longer allowed to drink. They’ve also tweaked the anchovy icon because it was too small. Finally, riding in subs now counts towards each player's boating stats.


    Fishing village shops

    It looks like a new fishing shop is coming to a local fishing village near you. Committed to the ‘underwater_labs_september’ branch, the fishing villages appear to be getting an upgrade. Likely replacing the vending machine, this new fishing shop will probably enter the game with the next monthly update. It’s also likely (given the branch name) there will be some more changes to underwater labs included in this body of work. We’ll keep you updated as more progress is made.

    Swimming gestures

    With more and more players out in the depths of Rust’s water, the team has tweaked gestures for certain situations. Specifically, if you are swimming, you can now perform upper body gestures. No breaking into a full on dance routine while swimming though as full body gestures are still blocked. 


    Hapis conversion

    Our old favorite static map, Hapis, is set to make a comeback in the near future. After being taken off the official rotation with the launch of the world revamp the other month, Hapis is receiving some conversion therapy to bring it back to a playable state.

    Work this week appears to be focused on the southern part of the map. No visuals or word on when this will be ready to go, but our fingers are crossed we’ll see Hapis back in prime-time in the next month or so.

    Other stuff

    • Work started on a desert military base (new monument)

    • Speargun and spears now have world models (and some animation updates)

    • Duo sub torpedo hatch now animates

    • Subs stop moving faster when driver dismounts (preventing runaway subs)

    • Fixed not being able to gesture on sofa

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