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    Campers, missions, and more!


    12:00am EST - Another week in Rust development, and the team is trucking along on new features and some bug fixes.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Camper module

    Based on the commits, more details have emerged this week on the new camper modules coming to vehicles in the near future. First, two more seats and sleeping bags were added. That means there could be room for up to 3 people to travel and spawn in the camper.

    Next, it does appear as though there will be some storage in the camper. Although it’s not clear exactly how much, it does seem like the camper won't be able to move if there is anything in the storage. This is interesting, as the camper may be good for setting up temporarily at one location, but it’s not intended to enable moving extra goods from one place to another.

    Finally, a small BBQ was added, meaning you’ll be able to cook and find comfort with the camper, no need for an extra camp fire. Keep in mind, all this information is based off the commits, so nothing is confirmed quite yet. We’ll keep you posted as more information comes to light.



    It seems like missions are once again on the development chopping block. As you may recall, missions will allow players to launch certain objectives via NPC’s around the map. These missions will allow for the procurement of items and blueprints without grinding scrap or tech trees. 

    Along with some hidden commits from Helk, there is a new branch called ‘phone_extensions’ which appears to enable the ability to have a phone call with an NPC. Although neither of these two things are confirmed to be a part of the missions body of work, it does make sense that you’d call a NCP to get a mission going.

    No word on when this will be ready for prime time. Might September be the missions update? Maybe… we’ll keep you posted either way.


    Desert Military Base

    Work continues on the newest monument to come to Rust. The Desert Military Base is getting a lot of love on its branch, with greyboxes, scenes, prefabs, models, and the like all being committed. 

    Although we’re not sure exactly what this new monument will entail, it does appear as though it’ll feature a unique piece of weaponry in the form of an MLRS - or more specifically, a M270 multiple rocket launch system. Based on commits, it appears as though this vehicle will be mountable, so it’s possible players will be able to operate it. What exactly will they be blowing up with this new war machine? That remains to be seen. 

    Word is we might get some sneak peeks of this new monument as soon as Friday. We’ll update here and keep you posted as more comes to light.


    Hapis conversion

    Work on our favorite static map continues this week on the ‘Hapis_conversion’ branch. Working to get all the art / models / prefabs in line with the world revamp from the other month, Petur is combing his way across the map getting it ready once again for official rotation. 

    I had a quick touch base with him this week where he shared that he’s excited to have some time to work on it once again, however, he said it’s probably not going to be ready to go live for the September update. Understandable as there’s a lot going on with that map and the world revamp really shifted a lot of things. 

    Either way, we’ll make sure to keep you up to date on how this project progresses. 


    Submarine shifts

    Adding to the list of changes coming to subs next month, the team has tweaked some torpedo related things this week. First, there will now be a little visual mist on both subs when torpedoes fire to help with the lack of feedback to anyone with sounds muted. 

    Also, there has been some inaccuracy added when firing torpedoes near the surface. This seems like it might be aimed at nerfing a bit of the sub vs. boat power dynamic that currently exists. 

    Other stuff

    • Underwater lab count has been reduced, however, there should be less small labs now

    • Fixed items dropping inside locker when stacked

    • Added chocolate bar world model

    • Added decay to deployed cassette recorder

    • Added bespoke raw and cooked fish models and added to prefabs

    • Work started on support for variable world models based on stack size

    • Merged in a bunch of fixes from the “july_bugfixes” branch

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