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    Charitable Rust 2018 raised $62,000!!


    The final numbers are in and I’m proud to announce that Charitable Rust 2018 raised $62,000 for charity: water!

    I am so honored by the generosity and good will of this incredible community. This was the fourth year we’ve run this event - each year raising more than the last. Through Charitable Rust, the Rust community has generated over $136,000 total in charitable donations!

    We’re not stopping there as planning for Charitable Rust 2019 is already underway. With a high bar set, our team is working on a plethora of new events, exciting challenges, and entertaining games to participate in.

    Thank you to everyone who has participated throughout the years - none of this would be possible without the amazing dedication of the production team, skin creators, builders, streamers, participants, viewers, and everyone else involved.

    Acknowledging Facepunch

    To the developers of this awesome game, Facepunch, I give special acknowledgment. Their support and contributions to Charitable Rust each year have allowed us to give far more than would have been otherwise possible.

    The first year of the event, Garry matched the entire amount of donations, doubling the amount raised. Since then, skin sales have be the source of the majority of funds donated. Helk took time out of development last year to shift the color and description of the Water Jug in game, raising a ton of awareness during November leading up to the 2018 event.

    On top of all that, for three years running, Facepunch has also donated Steams cut of the skin sales from their own pockets. This allows for 100% of the money people have spent on those skins to go to the charitable cause and dramatically increases the total amount raised.

    A heartfelt thank you to the entire team at Facepunch for your support in this cause and ongoing dedication to creating such an incredible gaming experience.

    Community team building!

    As mentioned above, we’re already working on this years Charitable Rust event! We’re looking for help with building, video editing, plugin development, artistry, and more. Please fill out the application by following the link below if you are interested in joining the team!


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