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    Charitable Rust 2020: Great success!

    I’m thrilled to report: Charitable Rust 2020, which took place on Saturday, was a tremendous success!

    This post is to acknowledge the hard work of our team and thank everyone involved for their participation and generosity. Before we do, allow me to share the estimated amount raised…

    Estimated amount raised: $180,000!!!

    That’s right! Between the stream donations and skin sales, it’s estimated that we’ve raised around $180,000 for Rise Above the Disorder so far. And, there’s still an opportunity to give...

    Four skin sales: Still going!

    We had 4 exclusive skins on the item store this year, all of which flew off the virtual shelves!

    Thank you to our talented skin creators, Mishka, JohnnyO1dBoy, and Shedmon, for the hard work and talent that went into making these skins. An extra big shoutout and thank you to ThatGermanGuy who, for a couple years running now, has organized the skin contest for this event. He also last minute joined us as a co-mc for the entire day event! 

    It’s not done yet though, the skins are still on the item store till Thursday! If you haven’t already, go pick them up and let’s keep increasing the total amount raised!

    Get the skins!

    Over $19k in stream donations

    We started with a modest $10,000 goal on our Tiltify campaign for the stream event. After reaching that goal before the halfway point of the stream, we upped our game to $15,000 and then $17,500, both of which were met and beat before the end of the event. A huge thank you to everyone who donated, tuned in, and spread the word about this campaign to help us not only meet, but exceed our stream goals.

    Thank you Rise Above the Disorder!

    A huge thank you to RAD for their collaboration with planning the event this year and for all the amazing good they do in the world through breaking down the barriers between people and getting the mental health care they need!

    Our Tiltify is still open so it’s not to late to raise more funds for this great cause!


    Thank you Facepunch!

    We owe the entire crew at Facepunch a huge debt of gratitude for their continued support in Charitable Rust. Every year they have partnered with us to help raise funds for this event and this year was no exception. They not only added our event servers to the official list to help raise awareness, they once again agreed to put skins on the item store - the proceeds of which go towards this great cause.

    I can not thank the entire team at Facepunch enough for their ongoing support and tireless commitment toward improving and adding to the already incredible game that is Rust.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you to the entire team at Facepunch! Keep up the great work! ❤️❤️❤️

    Top donors

    Thank you to everyone who donated during the stream, and a special thank you to our top donors of the day:

    • Rudeolph (third year in a row baby!)

    • RustEZ Community

    • Blooprint

    • HopeIsFragile

    • hJune

    • Rusticated

    • TheRealEv0

    • IBEW Local 2228

    • Enac

    • Some Web Studio

    • Posty

    • Errn

    • Hex

    To our stream partners

    For the second year in a row, in the interest of encouraging a little friendly competition, we used a team leaderboard system which tracked and aggregated hashtags in each donation towards a team goal.

    Thank you to all content creators who participated throughout the week, and a special thank you to our teams:

    RustEZ, Blooprint, Enac, Weegiant, OhMisty, Parblaze, Vertiigo, Tank Girl, TheRealEv0, Mr. Bengals, BlizzardID, Ray C., RepeatPete, Welyn, BeccaSomething, Mashiiii, Royal Viking, ScaryFaerie, Sinks, TheLeakyGiraffe, BboyNocturnal, Darth Kader, 808, Route, and everyone else who participated!

    On behalf of our VIP customers

    A special thank you goes out to every Rustafied VIP customer. It’s the VIP program which keeps Rustafied operating - without it we would not have the presence and servers which we do. Each year we save a portion of our proceeds for charity. On behalf of you all, Rustafied donated over $3,000 during this event!

    To the production team

    This years’ event took literally thousands of hours to set up the server, prizes, invites, and everything else which went into the production. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to the entire team which helped out. There are way too many of you to name, but you know who you are, and I love you all!

    Thank you to everyone else

    These acknowledgement posts are always a challenge, especially with such a large event. So many people helped us reach (and beat) our goal, it is simply impossible to adequately acknowledge everyone. To all of you who donated, watched the stream, spread the word about the event, or participated in any way - I thank you.

    If I missed a special mention to someone in particular, I apologize, and please know that I am grateful for your contribution.

    Content owned and published by Rustafied.com

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