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    Charitable Rust is this weekend!


    12:00am EST - Our yearly charity event, Charitable Rust, is almost here! This post covers what to expect and how to participate. Scroll down to the bottom for development news.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the week.



    This weekend is Charitable Rust 2022! Supporting World Central Kitchen, we are raising funds to provide meals for those most in need around the world. Join us on our event servers (on the official list) all Saturday for exclusive game modes, races, talent shows, mazes, parkour, carnival rides, and much more! Then, on Sunday, tune in for Rust Reborn presenting Bed Wars! We have more giveaways and prizes than ever before being handed out all weekend to people on the servers and on Twitch.

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    Charitable Rust 2022: Skin Showcase

    Here is a preview of all the exclusive skins on the item store and Twitch drops.


    Twitch drops

    Starting Saturday at 11am EST, the exclusive Charitable Rust 2022 Twitch drops go live! Tune in to Rustafied and other participating streamers all weekend to grab the exclusive drops - then you have all week to get the general drops. Make sure your accounts are linked prior to the event!

    Twitch Drops


    Item store skins

    Like previous years, we have 4 exclusive skins on the item store, the proceeds of which go towards this amazing cause! These skins cannot be traded or bought after this week, so grab them while you can! These skins will be live on the item store from Thursday (Nov.17) to Thursday (Nov. 24). A huge thank you to Facepunch for their support and generosity.

    Item store


    How to participate!

    Join us all weekend starting at 11am EST on Saturday for a ton of fun and chances to win some gifts from our amazing sponsors. This is an open event - everyone is welcome! Here are some pertinent details:

    Event servers (Saturday)
    Get in on the action Saturday on our main event server and custom gamemode servers found on the official list starting at 11am on Saturday. You’ll find a ton of fun including the carnival, car and boat races, parkour, mazes, boat battles, the art contest, and much more! Check out the schedule here.

    Bed Wars (Sunday)
    Tune in on Sunday as Rust Reborn present Bed Wars. Learn more here.

    Most scrap
    Through playing and winning on the main event server you’ll gain scrap. The highest scrap winners throughout the day win Platinum VIP on Rustafied servers. Learn more here.

    Art Contest
    We’ll be running our annual Art Contest on Saturday in the main event server during the day. Get there early to snag your spot and have ample time to create some amazing art! Learn more here.

    Talent Show
    Show off your skills during one of our two talent shows on Saturday. Learn more here.

    Team Leaderboard
    Are you a Rust content creator? Galvanize your audience to raise more than other teams, all for a great cause! Sign up here.

    Charitable Rust Discord
    Want to stay up to date with what’s going on with Charitable Rust? Have a question? Head over to the Charitable Rust Discord and check it out.


    Development news

    Here is a summary of what is going on in development for the week. The next update is 2 weeks from today, December 1st. We’ll be back next week with a full rundown of what’s happening with Rust development.

    • Prep for the Rust Xmas 2022 event happening mid-December

    • Added balloons for Rust’s 9th birthday

    • Removed car parts spawns from non vehicle junkpile spawns

    • Initial work on a Caldera terrain type

    • More work on Airships (part of hack week)

    • More work on weapon racks (hack week)

    • More work on adding emoji support to in-game chat (hack week)

    • More work on industrial stuff (storage adaptor for fridge and tool cupboard) and some output transfer limits

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