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    Chat improvements and more!


    With two weeks to go before the update and forced wipe, the team continues cranking on long term projects while still getting some fixes and improvements in the mix. All this while the Halloween event, which went live last week, continues through the end of the month.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST (yes, 2 hours earlier than usual - we’re trying a new time). Stay tuned to @Rustafied for news throughout the day. Let’s get into it…


    Optional client patch yesterday

    You may have noticed a small client update that hit yesterday. This optional patch fixed a couple quirks released with the spooky Halloween event launched last week. Specifically, Helk has fixed every item showing candy vision. He’s also fixed it so the Cursed Cauldron can no longer be placed too close to walls.

    Messages added

    Garry has added a new layer of communication into the game for player reports. You’ll now be able to see messages and responses to the reports you’ve made to the developers via the F7 menu. This will hopefully not only encourage more people to use the report system, but will improve its overall effectiveness as a whole.


    EHbvoSEWsAEN9RH.jpg EHbvon1XYAAK1af.jpg




    Chat improvements

    Adding to communication effectiveness in a slightly different way, the chat improvements branch has been merged in. Players will now be able to toggle chatting with just their team by pressing TAB with the chat UI is open. All messages still show up in the same area on the screen, just with different tags.

    Also, some great quality of life additions have been made for when you left click on a players profile. Through that context menu, you can now view the players steam profile, mute them, report them, and even clear their chat.


    1.png 252490_20191023214754_13.png
    252490_20191023214754_1 copy.png




    Server stall fixes

    The developers identified a server stall the other week on the main thread if there is a constant connection to the servers with rcon tools like Battle Metrics. It appears as though as of the Halloween patch last week, this issue has been resolved and the server stalls should no longer be an issue.

    Other stuff

    • When attempting to equip a clothing item directly from the belt bar, give priority to consume action if it is edible and also consumable (pumpkin etc)

    • Rebuilt locker loot panel and made some other backend improvements

    • HDRP progress

    • Horse armor world models

    • Instruments progress

    • Vehicles progress

    • More map improvements

    • Optimizations (skeletons, monuments, etc.)


    Rustafied Halloween Event!

    Saturday, Oct 26th from 7pm-10pm EST

    I’m happy to announce we’ll be doing a special Halloween event this Saturday evening. It’ll feature a spooky custom gameplay mode with 30 vs. 30 land, air, and sea combat. This will also give you a sneak peek of a fraction of what’s in store for Charitable Rust this year - so join up! 

    Connection info to be posted / tweeted / discorded before the event.

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