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    Chippy Arcade ho!


    12:00am EST - It’s the halfway point for Rust development this month and we’re seeing new features and forward progress - some of which is going live this week.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Friday update

    There is a patch expected to hit this Friday to release the Chippy Arcade and some performance improvements. There is no set time for this update to hit, but I’ll update here and tweet once more information becomes available.

    Chippy Arcade

    Rust has released a new game on Steam! Chippy is a twin-stick bullet-hell shooter where you chip apart destructible bosses pixel-by-pixel. Like they did with Clatter, Facepunch is releasing an exclusive item in Rust which will only be available to those who own the other game. Instead of a helmet like with Clatter, Chippy owners will be able to place a whole arcade in their base.

    The Chippy Arcade plays Tennis (aka Pong) against a computer opponent. Games are best out of 5 and the AI is pretty damn decent. No word on crafting costs, but we’ll add them here once they are available.

    Oh, and if you haven’t already, go check out Chippy on Steam!



    The team is addressing performance on several fronts this week. Also going live with the patch tomorrow, these changes will hopefully provide improvements to optimization.

    Along with some profiling for packet handling, Andre has shifted the AI sensing. Although animals will no longer sense other NPC’s, they will require less overhead as they are no longer doing expensive visibility checks all the time. Given AI is notoriously a usage hog, an improvement like this stands to have a large impact on server performance on the whole.

    He’s also reverted some physics things to improve performance, particularly on servers. Along with this, there’s been some shifts with unloading prefabs and network lerp, which could improve performance as well.

    Long and short: We’ll hopefully see improved performance (especially on the server end) after the patch on Friday.


    Garry and Petur are chipping along on HDRP. As you may recall, High Definition Render Pipeline (or HDRP) allows for high fidelity visuals with optimal performance. This is still on a separate branch, so no visuals quite yet, but this body of work stands to drastically improve the overall look of the game in general so it’ll be exciting to see.

    Other stuff

    • Fixed Rustige Egg not taking splash damage

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