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    Combat balance and small update


    12:00am - Kicking off this month in development, the team at Facepunch is working on combat balance and fixes. 

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the week.


    Mandatory update today

    Facepuch will be releasing a mandatory update today at 2pm EST (7pm BST) to apply some changes to the new recoil and gunplay (details found below). You’ll need to update your client to continue playing on your favorite servers. Here at Rustafied, we will be applying the update to our servers as soon as it's available.


    Combat balance changes

    Taking feedback from the community, the team at Facepunch have made some changes to gunplay which are going live with the mandatory update. Here are some details:

    • Directional hitmarkers will now display when you have the hide blood option enabled

    • Silencer has had its accuracy bonus removed

    • Blur and blood effect when at low health has been toned down a bit

    • Recoil when zoomed in using a scope has been modified

    • HMLMG recoil has been slightly adjusted

    • Durability of the HMLMG has been slightly reduced

    • The crafting cost of the HMLMG has increased:



    • 30 HQM

    • 1 Rifle Body

    • 2 Springs

    • 3 Gears


    • 60 HQM

    • 1 Rifle Body

    • 3 Springs

    • 3 Gears



    Server ping alert

    Coming with the update next month, you may soon see a new message when connecting to certain servers. If your actual ping is much higher than what is displayed in the server browser, this new message will show in the top left of your screen.


    Other stuff

    Here are some other things being worked on in development this week. They are not going live with the mandatory patch today.

    • Jackhammer hits hotspot every time, reduced bonus to keep speed the same

    • Flashlights / lasers will stay on after holstering & taking your weapon out again, no more ghost flashlights

    • Animal headshots will play hitmarker and sound

    • Entities that lose condition on pickup (windows) can now be repaired in a repair bench

    • Fixed missing sounds for smoke grenades and supply signals

    • Fixed missing deploy sound for combat knife

    • Fixed roadside decor sometimes spawning too close to rail

    • Fixed some spray can free hand NREs

    • Fixed a couple of Train NREs

    • DLSS is temporarily forced off (causing performance issues with Unity 2020)

    • Add appban and appunban commands to ban players from using Rust+ without banning them from playing on the server

    • No need to relog after applying ownerid

    • Block moderators from running ownerid


    Rustafied Main max pops

    Starting this week at the normally scheduled wipe time, the max population of both our US and EU Main servers will be changed to 500.

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