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    Companion app and building blocks!


    Next week's update is shaping up to be a great one as a number of exciting things are on the horizon.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Companion App is live!

    That’s right! The Rust+ Companion app is now live on the iOS and Google Play stores. Right now it’ll only work on staging servers, however, it will start to function across the board once the update goes live on June 4th. 

    This app features a clean design and allows you to receive notifications via the Smart Alarm, toggle items remotely through Smart Switches, see the status of your team, the server map, latest Rust news, and even chat with your team. Best of all, it’s free!

    To get it started, just download it for iOS or Android (links below), log in with your steam account, then link your server via the new “Rust+” menu in game. We were having some difficulties getting the app synced with our staging server, but we expect this stuff to be smoothed out prior to release next week.

    Get for iOS Get for android

    File May 27, 11 46 48 AM.jpeg
    File May 27, 1 03 40 PM.jpeg
    File May 27, 1 02 12 PM.jpeg
    File May 27, 1 02 36 PM.jpeg
    File May 27, 1 03 01 PM.jpeg
    File May 27, 1 03 56 PM.jpeg
    File May 27, 12 25 06 PM.jpeg



    Smart Alarm

    The Smart Alarm will send your phone a notification when powered on. This allows you to hook up various electrical components to alert you when any number of things occur in game.

    3 high quality metal
    1 tech trash

    Craft time
    30 seconds

    Level 1 required

    Research cost
    75 scrap

    Smart Switch

    The Smart Switch functions just like a normal switch, however, instead of being toggled in game, it is turned on and off via the companion app.

    3 high quality metal
    1 tech trash

    Craft time
    30 seconds

    Level 1 required

    Research cost
    20 scrap

    New building blocks!

    As if the Companion app wasn’t enough, the building blocks 2020 branch has been merged into staging. That means we have a bunch of new building blocks in play!

    Here are the details:

    Spiral Stairs and Triangle Spiral Stairs

    First of note, there are two new types of spiral stairs: triangle and square. They are both half height and can stack on each other to create a nice spiral staircase. Note: the triangle spiral stairs takes up a footprint of 2 triangles as they stack.


    700580_20200527130840_1.png 700580_20200527220044_1.png





    A ramp has been added for all your vehicle needs. They function similarly to foundation stairs but have slighter incline, making it easier for cars to drive up. Although we won’t be using them for vehicles until July at the earliest, they can still be used for other purposes like bridges (see picture at top of post).


    Foundation steps are gone and there is a new ‘stairs’ block in play. These stairs can only attach to a foundation or be placed on floors. They do not attach to themselves and if the foundation is too high for the stairs to touch the ground, the stairs won’t be able to be placed.

    If you haven’t noticed, a lot of the ways to place external cupboards by linking foundations steps are now kaput.

    Floor Triangle Frame

    A key element for the next two items, the floor triangle frame allows for certain triangle objects to be mounted in it (basically just like a floor frame… only it’s a triangle).

    Triangle ladder hatch

    At long last, the triangle ladder hatch is here! It’s everything we hoped it would be, too. As in, it’s a ladder hatch that fits in a triangle floor frame. Boom!

    Triangle floor grill

    Another very nice addition, the new triangle floor grill is exactly what you’d expect it to be: a floor grill that fits in a triangle floor frame.

    Texture changes

    There’s also been some changes to overall building textures on this branch. Sheet metal is different, especially on the soft side (hello wood!). Also, a corner effect has been added to building corners of all tier buildings. Here are some example shots:


    700580_20200527125600_1.png 700580_20200527130536_1.png




     Other stuff:

    • You can now drag engine parts on to the engine sprite to automatically insert it into the correct spot (same logic as right clicking an inventory icon)

    • Players can now choose to destroy a vehicle chassis

    • A whole bunch of other fixes / changes for the vehicles

    • Fixes for view models clipping in ultrawide resolutions

    • Fixed some oil rig NPC spawn positions

    • Spas12 viewmodel - fixed issue with shell floating into weapon during reload

    • Speculative fix for serverside NRE in autoturret

    • HDRP, console version, yada yada

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