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    Compound Bow on the way!

    12:26am EST - With just one week before the big update, we’ve got a new type of bow on the way!

    Our update stream goes live at 3pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Compound Bow

    A new type of weapon is almost here! The initial implementation for the Compound Bow is in progress on a separate branch. Although we can't test it out in game yet, Helk shared some details with me.

    The Compound Bow builds strength as you pull back on the string. The longer you hold, the more damage your arrow will do (and the farther it’ll go). It has a strength meter directly under the iron sights to show how hard you are pulling. This meter will reset if you move, so only those standing still will be able to fire a full power shot.

    We’ll update this post with all the pertinent information once the branch is merged in and we can test it out.

    Plant information

    Farmers of rust just got a powerful new tool. An information panel has been added when looking at items you’ve planted. It includes the plants age, progress, hydration, and yield percentage. Now you no longer need to guess how far along your crops are or if they need water.

    Bandit town guards

    Work this week has started on guards for the upcoming Bandit town monument. This new monument, set to be added next week, plans to be the ying to the outposts yang. What does this mean exactly?

    Based on what Helk has shared with me, the Bandit town guards are basically like the Scientists at the Outposts, but they look like normal people. Although there won’t be a ‘safe zone’ per say, these guards will engage people who fuck around.

    As with all in progress functionality, all this is subject to change prior to going live next week.

    Underwear art assets

    It looks like a new article of clothing may soon be making its way into the game. Underwear art assets have been committed by Taylor. No word on exactly how or when this will be added, but as always, we’ll keep you posted.

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