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    Crawling, Voice Props, and DLSS

    12:00am EST - With one week till the big update, the team is polishing off some new features and content. Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. 

    Wounded crawling

    Getting downed no longer means you’re completely immobilized. Crawling while wounded has been added to staging and is set for release into the wild with the monthly update next week.

    Players now go into a crawling state first when wounded. You’ll be able to move around slowly for the duration of your wounding period (about 40 to 50 seconds). While crawling, you’re still able to access doors but not much else. Your health is a little higher than in used to be in the old wounded state, aka “incapacitated.”

    Both states have a chance to recover - 20% while crawling, 10% while incapacitated. Players now also get up to a 25% extra bonus based on food and water levels.

    Along with moving around, several other things related to the wounded state have shifted. First, other players can now once again jab you with a syringe to revive you immediately. Also, you can now guarantee recovery from a wounded state if you keep a Large Medkit in your belt. If you make it through the wounded period without getting finished off, you’ll recover and the Medkit will be used (unless you were going to recover anyway, in which case you keep the Medkit).

    There is still some tweaks and fixes needed, but the functionality is overall in place and ready to go for the update next week.

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    Voice props progress

    Rust’s latest DLC is receiving some love prior to its debut next week. The Voice Props DLC includes a bunch of retro communication devices along with some sexy disco-esque objects and moves. 

    This week we’ve seen some additional gradient patterns added to the disco floor. Also, the disco ball now requires power to light up / spin and it’s easier to cancel out of your dance gestures — although why would you want to? As expected, there’s been some bug fixes too.

    The Voice Props DLC is expected to go live with the monthly update next week (July 1st). No word on a price point yet, but I imagine it’ll be in line with the previous DLC’s.

    DLSS support incoming

    NVIDIA RTX users will be happy to see DLSS support coming to Rust on July 1. If you have no idea what the previous sentence means, this probably doesn’t apply to you. However, if you are lucky enough to benefit from the Tensor Cores on your GeForce RTX GPU being able to use their AI algorithm to accelerate lower, plebeian levels of resolution into accurately predicted super resolutions… well, you’ll soon be able to do that in Rust, too. 

    Long and short: Optimizations, baby!

    Underwater labs

    The submarine branch is still buzzing with commits. This week, the first pass on underwater labs art was completed. As previous commits inference, these underwater labs will be docked with by the upcoming submarines (solo and duo), be procedurally generated (at least partially), and likely allow for some looting opportunities. 

    So when will these labs and subs be a thing? Unfortunately, I don’t think it’ll be going live with the update next week. We’ll keep you posted as more comes to light.


    Name tag changes

    In the wake of contacts entering the game, the team has tweaked some things related to name tags this week. Specifically, Binoculars only show the name tag pips (dots) during the day. Also, the name-tag pop in delay has been reduced and there’s been a fix for name tags being invisible at certain angles.

    Other stuff

    • Fixed not being able to crouch under half walls

    • Added (admin only) console command "recover" as a partner to the existing "injure". Recovers from wounded state.

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