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    Crossover, HDRP Art, and more


    12:00am EST - Another week in Rust development as the team forges forward on various projects - plus a crossover!

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Dying Light crossover

    Earlier this week, Techland announced a crossover event between Dying Light and Rust! This DLC / event is currently running and goes till next Monday, April 26th at 1pm EST. Featuring limited-time weapons, enemies, and challenges, this DLC can be obtained by anyone for free just by logging in to Dying Light now. 


    Console Edition public beta soon?

    The public beta for Rust Console Edition could go live any day now. There is no exact release date yet, but with the full release slated for May 21st, the team at Double 11 has exactly 1 month to run a public beta and tie up any loose ends. Remember, you can only participate in the public beta if you preorder, so check out the preorder page if you haven’t already.

    Keep an eye on @PlayRustConsole for news on exactly when the beta goes live.


    Card Game changes

    Some further tweaks to Texas Hold ‘Em this week. Only the winner(s) in a showdown are now forced to show their hand - other players can choose to show. Also, local players can still see what cards they had in the left UI after folding. Finally, the winner's hand is now shown in the central UI alert. All these things and more will go live with the May 6th update.


    HDRP art progress

    Work on the HDRP Art Backport branch continues in earnest this week as we approach the end of the month. With an expected launch date of May 6th, this huge overhaul to graphical elements around the map moves closer to begin production ready by the day.

    As you may recall, these changes have been a long time coming, and features beautiful art remnants of the now shit-canned HDRP endeavor. Still on a separate staging branch, you’ll need to opt your client into ‘aux01’ to test it for yourself.

    The commits this week range from spawn settings to error reduction and everything in between (including some nice new background menu scenery). The important thing to note: it looks fucking great and doesn’t appear to negatively impact client performance. 


    Hapis hiatus

    Speaking of this whole HDRP art thing, Hapis is still being retooled to take advantage of all this new fidelity. That said, it won’t be ready for the May 6th update. As announced by Alistair earlier this week, Hapis will be removed from the map pool on May 6th but will be re-added in the future.

    What does this mean for the Rustafied Hapis servers? We’re exploring options, but they’ll likely be switched to procedural generation when the update hits.

    Other stuff

    • Several fixes for the gestures menu

    • Some fixes to tree spawns / billboards

    • More work on demoshot branch (appears to be future demo improvements)

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