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    Diving and Tugging!


    12:00am EST - With one week since the update and forced wipe, the team is trucking on fixes and forward progress. 

    Our update preview steam goes live at 1pm EST (6pm BST). Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day. 


    Steam woes

    You may have noticed many servers (including ours) were down from Tuesday night into Wednesday. This was due to a steam authentication issue - out of our control and out of Facepunch’s control. Given many could not connect but some could, we chose to take our servers down during the duration of the outage to negate unfair offline raiding. Thankfully Steam fixed the issue by Wednesday afternoon and we were able to start our servers back up again. Our apologies for the downtime and thank you for your understanding.



    After a little while in the depths of hidden-commit territory, the Diversuit branch has surfaced and appears to be a new chapter in underwater Rust exploration. At the moment we’re seeing a slew of progress on this new branch, however, no visuals or solid info about what exactly this is. 

    That said, a diver suit does imply some sort of Jacques Cousteau-esq metal helmet type suit ment for longer and deeper dives. We’ll have to wait and see, but good news is there were a bunch of hidden commits, dating back a week or so, so hopefully we’ll see this hit staging sooner rather than later!



    Rust’s newest watercraft is in progress and, by inference of the name, could have a special functionality no other boats in Rust have had - Tugging! That’s right, the Tugboat branch is well underway for a couple weeks now, and it seems like we will soon have a new way to pilot the sea’s of Rust. 

    So far, it seems like the overall models and textures for the boat is all set. Physics and buoyancy stuff implemented, fuel consumption and storage, along with the initial tugging functionality potentially. All of this is still on a separate branch, so no specifics of visuals quite yet. As always, we’ll keep you posted!


    Bear improvements

    Some fresh animations are coming to bears on a new branch. No visuals quite yet, but it does look like a number of new animations are on the way, including potentially some new idle, standing, and attack poses.


    Building skin fixes

    Since the launch of the Shipping Container building skin last week, there are some to be expected fixes in the works. Here is a summary of the things being addressed:

    • Fixed shipping container rocket splash damage issue related to wall corners

    • Fixed vehicles being able to clip through shipping container foundation

    • Fixed shipping container roof top line collider to be more accurate


    Scientist AI tweaks

    We’re also seeing some tweaks to how scientist NPC’s will behave. Here is a summary.

    • Lowered their FOV considerably

    • Rear vision detection, always detect out of vision but very close players

    • Scientists now sometimes turn and run to cover instead of retreating slowly backwards

    • Scientist enter combat state not take cover when initially attacked

    • Scientists now have a % chance per tick of continuing to move to chase position in Chase state when the player is in line of sight, instead of just stopping when in line of sight and switching to combat state.


    Other stuff

    • Increase water consumption of sprinklers to better match the water being consumed in liquid containers (nerf to farming)

    • More progress on weapon racks

    • Optimizations for networking of bases

    • More work on updates to water including optimizations and animations

    • More work on props for the Nuclear Missile Silo

    • More work on the ragdoll physics updates / rewrites

    • More progress on server to server transfers

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