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    Double Saddles, map markers, and Easter!


    12:00am EST - Update day is here, and with it, double saddles, improved map markers, pings, Easter, and more!

    The update and forced map wipe are expected at normal time, 2pm EST (7pm BST). Our update stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Double saddles

    Get ready to giddy up with your best pal as you both can now journey the plains of Rust on the same horse! All this made possible by the trusty new Double Saddles. Available for purchase at Ranches and Large Barns alike, the Double Saddle will set you back 90 scrap and cannot be crafted.

    Beyond allowing 2 people to ride the same horse, nothing else has really shifted. Horse stamina and speed appears minimally impacted if anything. There’s also the same amount of equipment slots.


    Purchase for
    90 scrap

    Can’t be crafted

    Purchase at
    Large Barn & Ranch

    Can’t be researched


    Map markers

    New features coming to in-game maps this update. Specifically, players now have the ability to add multiple map markers, each with different text labels, icons, and colors! You can add up to 5 on a map at a time and team leader markers are shared with the entire team. These markers show up on your compass as well!


    View fullsize 700580_20230404204904_1.jpg View fullsize 700580_20230405142303_1.jpg






    A new way to alert your team of nearby points of interest is here! Pings can be placed on the fly while looking through Binoculars and Drones! Once set, they can be seen for 10 seconds by anyone on your team. Pick from any of the 6 options on the radial menu. To place a ping, hold Mouse 5 while looking down your Binoculars then left click on the option you want.


    View fullsize 700580_20230404194037_1.jpg View fullsize 700580_20230404194109_1.jpg
    View fullsize 700580_20230404203347_1.jpg
    View fullsize 700580_20230404203344_1.png





    Floating containers

    Accessing loot from destroyed boats and subs will be much easier after this update as some new floating containers have been added. Appearing immediately once a submarine is destroyed and about 5 minutes after a boat (RHIB or rowboat) is destroyed, these black boxes float on the water and contain whatever loot was in the parent boat.


    View fullsize 700580_20230405134958_1.png View fullsize 700580_20230405135005_1.jpg





    Easter is here!

    Rust’s latest seasonal event goes live with the update today! Starting with the update and forced wipe, and likely running on servers for the next 2 weeks, Rust’s Easter event is here! The following is a brief overview of what you can expect.


    Egg hunts

    An Easter festivity wouldn't be complete without egg hunts! Just like the previous years, an Easter Egg hunt will take place every in-game day. For a duration of 3 minutes, all players on the server will have the opportunity to gather as many eggs as possible, and the top 3 players will receive special eggs as prizes:

    1st Place
    3 Silver Eggs

    2nd Place
    1 Silver Egg

    3rd Place
    1 Bronze Egg

    Collectable Eggs

    Similar to the presents of the Xmas event, collectible eggs can be gathered, upgraded, and opened for prizes. Here is a rundown of the different types of eggs and what you can find in each.

    Bronze Egg


    Stacks to

    Sample Loot
    Egg Basket
    Bunny Ears
    Stone (100 - 200)
    Wood (200 - 400)
    Metal frags (20 -50)
    3 or 4 Chocolate Bars
    Compound bow + 10 arrows

    Upgrade to Silver

    Silver Egg


    Stacks to

    Sample Loot
    Bunny Onesie
    Stone (2500)
    Chainsaw + fuel
    Revolver + ammo
    Double Barrel + buckshot
    Pump shotgun + buckshot

    Upgrade to Gold

    Gold Egg


    Stacks to

    Sample Loot
    5 Incendiary +  3 High Velocity Rockets
    MP5A4 + ammo
    LR-300 Assault Rifle
    M39 Rifle + ammo
    Multiple Grenade Launcher
    M249 + ammo

    Total Egg Cost
    1000 Painted Eggs


    Egg hunt helpers

    A few unique Easter items can assist you in securing a spot on the leaderboard during any egg hunt. Firstly, the Egg Basket, when equipped, enables you to collect eggs instantly with a left click, eliminating the need to wait a few seconds for each pickup as you would without a basket.

    Additionally, the Bunny Ears, Onesie, Nest Hat, and the crowd favorite Egg Suit all grant an enhanced ability called Egg Vision. This ability allows players to spot eggs from a greater distance during the hunt.


    Special Easter items

    Along with community created Easter skins, some Facepunch created Easter items are expected to hit the item store. We’ll have more details on these once the update goes live.


    Improvements and fixes

    The team did a number of various fixes and improvements this month. Here are some highlights:

    • You can now place deployables in doorframes with doors much easier

    • Streamer mode has been updated to account for the RF Transmitter

    • Team UI & Nametags will use steam nicknames instead of steam names / streamer names if you are friends with the player. Added 'use_steam_nicknames' convar to revert to previous behavior

    • Hold the alt-look key while right-clicking or hover looting from a loot container to wear clothing items immediately

    • Drones can now be repaired in repair bench

    • Fixed mace skinned as baseball bat displaying an incorrect price to research at the research table

    • Fixed TCs showing "Open" as default option when in building priv but not authorized

    • Fixed excavator puzzle reset killing sleepers inside bases if built too close to the excavator

    • Fixed conveyors set to AND mode incorrectly starting a transfer if there were multiple stacks of the same filtered item in an input container

    • Disable daisy chaining restrictions, daisy chained containers will now always receive their appropriate split regardless of the state of the container before them in the chain

    • Fixed tactical gloves and all diving gear not appearing in industrial filter search box

    • Industrial conveyor will now attempt to fill any existing stacks in an output container before making a new stack

    • Additional checks to make sure SAM sites have a floor below them

    • The output division is now applied before min/max/buffer amounts are calculated, meaning the split amount is based on the maximum amount that can be moved and is then clamped by the max. Prevents Max filters incorrectly slowing down transfer rates

    • Show HP bar (and text) on the computer monitor when remote controlling entities

    • Move to next/prev entry on computer UI with arrow keys or mouse wheel

    • Prevent opening turret inventory until authed on turret

    • Prevent two modular car lifts that are very close together from from both setting the same vehicle as their locked occupant

    Other stuff

    Here are some other things coming in the update.

    • Staging server browsers will show changeset when server doesn’t match client version

    • Added SafeMode.ApplySafeModeConfig convar that overwrites the players client.cfg with a known safe version of the client cfg


    Hapis comeback

    I’m happy to announce the Hapis map is making a comeback this week! Exclusively on our US and EU Zenlabs servers, you can play the newly released, community built Hapis Island map! A big shoutout to Syfex and the team over at Hapis Rust!

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