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    Double saddles, map markers, and more!


    12:00am EST - With the update and forced wipe just a week away the team at Facepunch is working on new features, festivities, and more!

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Double saddles on staging

    Duo’s rejoice as this new feature hits staging. Double saddles allow two players to ride on a single horse, making travel across the Rust world easier for players in pairs.

    These double saddles can be purchased at stables for 90 scrap at Ranch or Large Barn or crafted (once you’ve researched). At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be any impact on speed or stamina with two riders. Expect them to be released with the upcoming update and forced wipe on April 6th. 

    4 road signs
    2 sewing kits

    Craft time
    30 seconds

    Level 2 required

    125 scrap

    Purchase for
    90 scrap


    Map markers

    The new and improved map markers have also been merged to staging. Still a work in progress, it’s unclear exactly how this functionality will look closer to release. As of now, you can create new map markers, label them with text, and pick an icon and color.

    According to commits, there is also a pinging system for alerting your team of points of interest. As of now, however, we’re not seeing that on staging (or we just haven’t figured out how to do it). Nevertheless, it does appear this stuff is coming with the update and forced wipe. We’ll have all the specifics in our article next week.


    Easter is coming

    Rust players will soon have a chance to celebrate the season with the return of the Easter event. As with previous years, this event will feature a range of activities and items including egg hunts, Easter skins, Rustigé Eggs, and more. 

    Expected to run for two weeks, most likely starting at the forced wipe, Easter is a great opportunity for players to get in on the festive spirit and enjoy some special activities in the game. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to wipe!


    More world models

    A bunch of new world models have made their way into the game. Now, players will see less burlap bags and more accurate representations of the dropped item when it comes to HV Rockets, Incendiary Rockets, Roadsign Gloves, Snap Traps, Shotgun Ammo, and PTZ Security Cameras.



    • More work on procedural dungeons

    • More work on Nuclear Missile Silo - doesn’t look like it’s coming in April

    • Revamps to shaders coming - could improve overall atmosphere, feel of things

    • Improvements to ‘monuments’ console command

    • Fix wetsuit not appearing in conveyor filter options

    • More work on Attack Helicopter

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