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    Drones, hackweek, and more!


    12:00am EST - We’re at the halfway point for the month of Rust development and the team is trucking on a ton of new features and functionality.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the week.


    Drones on AUX

    Drones are in their first testable state on the AUX branch. Still a work in progress, it appears the only way to access one is to spawn it in with the command, ‘spawn drone.deployed’. Once deployed, you can set an ID which can then be used at a computer station to connect. When connected, you can take off with ‘shift’ and descend with ‘ctrl’. 

    Another cool thing to do with drones, players can control auto turrets nearby. Hold ‘E’ on the auto turret to set an ID. Then use that ID to add to your computer station. From there, you can left click to shoot the turret. You can force reload with ‘R’. 

    As it stands, this is still in active development, so we will keep an eye as more comes to light. No word on when this will make it in.


    View fullsize 700580_20230215105439_1.png View fullsize 700580_20230215111704_1.png
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    Industrial improvements

    After its launch earlier this month, the industrial system is getting some tweaks and love. There’s a lot in the works, but here is a summary of the main things:

    • Conveyors

      • Will now turn back on after receiving power if they were on when they lost power

      • Turning on "Require All" filter mode now disables the min/max filter fields

      • Added a new field called Buffer that acts like the old Minimum system (transfer blocks of X items)

      • Minimum field will now transfer everything over the given value in the input container (eg. a minimum of 10 wood will transfer all wood until there is 10 left and then stop)

      • In a case where the Buffer and Minimum fields are both used, you will need the combination of both values to start a transfer (eg. a minimum of 10 and a buffer of 15 will need 25 before the transfer will begin)

    • Crafters

      • Added 3 more blueprint slots to the industrial crafter

      • All 4 bp slots can be accessed via the bp in/out industrial ports

      • Crafter can only make one item at a time, will attempt to make the items in sequence left-right

      • Disabled the shaking on the crafter while it's on

      • Added a red flash to the crafter if it's output storage is full

    • Cache stress testing

      • First pass on a refactor to cache the input/output destinations of an industrial conveyor instead of calculating them every move

      • Increased maximum amount of containers that can be manipulated by a single conveyor to 64 (64 input + 64 output). Increased maximum depth of container connections to 64. Stress testing, numbers are WIP


    Attack helicopter progress

    Rust’s newest vehicle is moving forward in development. The minicopters new fighty-flighty brother, the Attack Helicopter, is getting closer to primetime. With the setup of things like the gun camera, sounds, UI, damage FX, it seems like this vehicle may be ready to enter the game in the next month or two. Still on a separate branch, no visuals or exact details are available yet. That said, we’ll update you as soon as more comes to light.


    Hackweek continues

    Several new projects from the latest hackweek continue moving forward. As with all hackweek projects, none of these are guaranteed to make it into the game. Nevertheless, there is some huge potential here. Here is a summary:

    • Caldera biome progress - a volcanic section of the map with lava lakes and flows

    • Skin viewer - a new way to view skins through the crafting menu

    • Backpacks - worn by a player, these increase carry capacity and slow down movement

    • Sling shot - get your Dennis the Menace on with the newest primitive weapon

    • Raytracing - more fidelity for those of you with top level hardware

    • Breadboard - advanced electronics in a portable form


    Misc. Fixes

    There are a bunch of random fixes coming for various parts of the game. Here is a low down:

    • Improvements and fixes to how ziplining dismounts work

    • Fixed some small oilrig source pipes not going into the seabed

    • Fixes to vehicle seating

    • Fixes to saved sofas in unsaved tunnel dwellings (causing issues at server restarts)

    • Blackjack - Fixed doubling down while playing the second hand after splitting adding the new bet to the wrong hand

    • Fixed Blackjack swap between main and split hand showing an animation as if the cards were being turned over from face down

    • Likely fix for spectate button in admin ui not working

    • Fixed water catchers not filling up with water if the attached destination liquid container is full. Also, better fix for catcher detecting if inventory of target liquid container is full

    • Fixes for wooden sign deployment

    Other stuff

    • Initial work on potentially bringing back player deployed quarries (not confirmed)

    • Maybe a new island being worked on (tut island)

    • More work on the Nuclear Missile Silo monument

    • Initial work on an ECS based LOD system (support for adjusting LOD’s when looking down scope)

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