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    Drones, PTZ Cams, and more!


    12:00am EST - With one week till the update and forced map wipe, the team is trucking along on fixes and new functionality.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the week.


    RC Drone progress

    After their entrance to AUX last week, the new RC Drones and manual turret functionality have made their way onto regular staging. In case you missed it, RC Drones can be crafted and then controlled via Computer Terminals for reconnaissance. In a similar vein, Turrets can now also be controlled, and even fired, through computer terminals. 

    In preparation for what looks to be a launch next week, the team has been finalizing various aspects such as range (250m for now), deployment and placement, convars, and the like. Check back next week for a full rundown of how this new functionality works.

    200 Metal frags
    2 Tech trash
    1 cctv camera

    Level 2

    30 seconds


    PTZ Camera

    Another form of surveillance is afoot! The PTZ Camera, short for Point Tilt Zoom, can be deployed on ceilings or roofs (no walls or floors). Once given power, you can set an ID (just like the drones) then use a Computer Terminal to connect. Use your mouse to look around and click left to zoom (there are 4 levels of zoom). Anyone outside looking at the camera will be able to see the movements.

    It looks like this will likely be coming in the update next week. Expect tweaks and changes between then, but in the meantime, here is some crafting information:

    1 cctv camera
    150 metal frags

    5 Rust watts

    Level 2

    30 seconds


    Weapon racks

    A flurry of commits this week around the upcoming weapon racks. Although not merged in for testing yet, it looks like weapon racks will be deployed objects which display guns. Beyond just displaying guns, it seems you’ll be able to quickly grab and go by just looking at the gun, along with being able to toss a gun towards it for the rack to pick it up.

    No word on when exactly these will be coming. One thing seems clear, this has moved from a hackweek potential to a very likely new base staple.


    Gameplay metrics

    A new branch around tracking metrics is afoot. ‘Gameplay metrics’ appears to be a new way for servers and Facepunch to track overall metrics for player and gameplay such as blueprints, repairs, purchases, food consumption, and more.

    No word on when and exactly how these stats will be implemented, but Ideally they can be used to help balance and optimize gameplay over time.


    Misc fixes

    A bunch more fixes in the miscellaneous category are in play. Here is a summary:

    • Various fixes to poker

    • Fixed incorrect gib sfx for stone triangle floor frame + ramp

    • Fix small and Huge sign deployment not working on all walls

    • Fix repair indicator not appearing when hitting a damaged item if the player has no relevant repair items in their inventory


    Other stuff

    • More progress on Attack Helicopter (now with rockets!)

    • Nuclear Missile Silo work

    • Fixed edge case of underground train entrance stairs not connecting to underground line

    • More zipline dismount fixes

    • Removed map name from being sdwearched when using server browser, will still show

    • Auto select the textbox when opening the RC identifier dialog

    • Reworked storage adaptor deploy volumes to prevent placement when the storage adaptor is clipping into something solid. This generally resulted in inaccessible sockets due to the width check of the pipes. Should fix boxes placed under workbenches not being able to be picked up because they have a storage adaptor on them that can't be removed

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