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    Easter is coming!


    1:50am EST - Easter is around the corner! To celebrate, Rust is launching its first ever in game Easter event this week. This post is only partially complete given the Easter event has yet to be merged in. I will include all the details once they become available.

    Expect a mandatory client and server update at some point Friday afternoon to apply this Easter goodness (estimate from devs: 3pm EST / 8pm BST). All Rustafied servers will still wipe this week at their regularly scheduled times.

    Our update preview stream will probably go live at 3pm EST today (if the Easter stuff is merged - if not, I’ll wait till tomorrow to stream). Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Easter Event goes live Friday

    The most notable item coming to the game this week is the new Easter event. At the moment, however, it has not been merged in and there are very few details available. Check back here after the merge as I will add all the details of this event (and tweet about it).

    Skinnable Double Doors!

    One of the most requested items to be skinned is about to get just that! The Double Doors are being modified to allow for custom skins from the community. This work is still on a separate branch and there have been no skins officially released for it yet, but chances are we’ll be seeing our first Double Door skins in the next couple of weeks.

    Horseback riding

    Late last week, Helk tweeted that he’d add horseback riding as soon as he could if the Leaf’s won the game. They won, so Helk told everyone to saddle up! Fuck yeah! I can’t wait to ride horses in Rust! More on this as it progresses.

    Texture streaming

    Diogo is working on some optimizations in the form of texture streaming. Long and short, texture streaming in Unity saves memory by only loading the textures needed given the current camera view as opposed to loading them all. This will hopefully improve loading times and performance, especially on lower end machines.


    More lighting improvements

    Petur is on a lighting frenzy over here! After reworking the lighting for the Compound Monument last month, he transitioned to tweaking the lighting effects in the Bandit Camp over the past two weeks. This week, he’s moved on to address the lighting in caves and sewers.

    The Bandit Camp and cave / sewer stuff is still on a separate branch as of this moment, so no visuals quite yet. That said, it appears likely that we’ll see all this going live with the update hitting May 2nd. Stay tuned for visuals as the month progresses.

    Unity update and server browser improvements

    Work continues on moving Rust to the latest version of Unity. As you may recall from last week, the team is updating the underlying engine of the game to the latest version. This work includes many bug fixes and tweaks to address various issues which arise due to the changes in this new release.

    This week we’ve also seen some commits from Andre addressing some performance issues on the server browser. Although we can’t quite experience these for ourselves yet, hopes are the server browser will have improved behavior come the next update.

    Other stuff

    • Giant Excavator monument progress

    • Bone Knife and Combat Knife animation update - quicker wind up when throwing

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