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    Easter time!


    1:00pm EST - Our update preview stream is live! twitch.tv/rustafied

    12:00pm EST - It appears the Easter Patch went live a bit early today. We’ve updated our servers, let the egg hunts begin! Also, check out the Easter skins on the item store!

    12:00am EST - Bunnies and eggs will soon permeate every Rust server with the start of Rust Easter. Going live in an update today, the Rust Easter event includes egg hunts, costumes, and more!

    This update is expected to hit at the regular time (2pm EST / 7pm BST) and does not force a wipe. Our update stream will go live at 1pm EST to show off all the Easter goodness you can expect. Also, follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    Easter Egg Hunts

    It wouldn’t be an Easter celebration without some egg hunts! As with last year, an Easter Egg hunt will begin every in-game day. For 3 minutes, every player on the server will be able to collect as many eggs as they can - with the top 3 winning special eggs as a reward. 

    1st Place
    3 Silver Eggs

    2nd Place
    1 Silver Egg

    3rd Place
    1 Bronze Egg


    View fullsize 252490_20190419164457_1.png View fullsize 252490_20190419164550_1.png



    Getting to the podium isn’t everything though, as eggs collected during each hunt can be upgraded for bigger and better things…


    Collectible Eggs

    Similar to the presents of the Xmas event in Rust, collectible eggs can be gathered, upgraded, and opened for prizes. Here is a rundown of the different types of eggs and what you can find in each.

    Bronze Egg


    Stacks to

    Sample Loot
    Egg Basket
    Bunny Ears
    Stone (100 - 200)
    Wood (200 - 400)
    Metal frags (20 -50)
    3 or 4 Chocolate Bars
    Compound bow + 10 arrows

    Upgrade to Silver

    Silver Egg


    Stacks to

    Sample Loot
    Bunny Onesie
    Stone (2500)
    Chainsaw + fuel
    Revolver + ammo
    Double Barrel + buckshot
    Pump shotgun + buckshot

    Upgrade to Gold

    Gold Egg


    Stacks to

    Sample Loot
    5 Incendiary +  3 High Velocity Rockets
    MP5A4 + ammo
    LR-300 Assault Rifle
    M39 Rifle + ammo
    Multiple Grenade Launcher
    M249 + ammo

    Total Egg Cost
    1000 Painted Eggs


    Egg hunt helpers

    There are a couple special Easter items which will help you get on the leaderboard for any egg hunt. First, the Egg Basket, when equipped, allows you to pick up eggs instantaneously with left click (as opposed to having to wait a couple seconds for each pickup, which is the case for any basket-less bunny).

    Next are the Bunny Ears, Onesie, Nest Hat, and new this year, the Egg Suit. All provide an extended sense, Egg Vision, which allows players to see eggs from farther away during the hunt.

    Edit: not sure if the Egg Suit made it in this year…


    Special Easter items

    Along with community created Easter skins, some Facepunch created Easter items are expected to hit the item store. We’ll have more details on these once the update goes live.

    Edit: The item store has been updated!


    Twitch Rivals: Rust

    Also kicking off today, check out the first Twitch Rivals event for Rust! For more information, check out the schedule here. Also, make sure to hook up your account for the Twitch Drops!


    Other stuff

    The team is working on a bunch of other projects and features. Below is a brief summary of what they are working on. We’ll go into more details on this in the article next week.

    • A bunch of hotfixes for crashes related to the last update

    • Performance - The team is prioritizing performance increases this month

    • New recoil - initial work on the PvP update

    • Rail network - initial work on adding an above ground workcart to the tracks

    • Power zipline - can now travel up to 3m higher than their departure point

    • Pets - more work on setting this up

    • Magnetic Crane - increased yaw speed by 20%

    • More Hapis conversion

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