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    Electricity is coming!

    12:00am EST - A new month of development is upon us and with it, electricity is on the horizon! Helk and team are in full swing to make this new dynamic a reality in the game. Let’s get into it…

    Electricity in progress

    A new branch called ‘electricity’ has been created this week. On it, we’re seeing many commits related to electrical components and detectors such as lasers, pressure pads, door controllers, and lights. There’s also been work on logic gate deployables like timers, splitters, conditional objects.

    All in all it appears as though the team is working towards having electricity in game in the very near future. It is not yet on staging, however, Helk told me he’s pushing to get merged in there as soon as possible. We’ll have a full write up on electricity shortly after this happens and keep you up to date throughout the month as it progresses.

    Balloon gibs

    Vince has fixed some things around gibs for the new Hot Air Balloons. If you’re not aware, gibs are the little pieces objects break into when they are destroyed. Although the change doesn’t impact gameplay at all, you will notice some slightly different visuals when balloons get destroyed.

    Oil rig work

    Vince is also working on the new offshore oil rig monument. Although we haven’t yet received any visuals related to this, it does appear as though some good progress is being made, meaning we may see this new monument in game as soon as December.

    Other stuff

    • Exposed NPC vending machines to SDK prefab list

    • A ton more hidden commits (the suspense builds!)

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