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    Elevators, missions, and more!

    12:00am EST - Development for the month is off to a good start with work on a new building block, progress on missions, and more.

    Our update preview stream starts at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.

    Elevator building block

    A new type of building block is in the works which will allow players to traverse the levels of their base in a new way. The Elevator building block looks to be exactly what the name implies: an elevator for your bases! Still a work in progress on a separate branch, the Elevator can already be deployed on a floor, foundation, or floor frames and features an up / down button along with support to call to a specific floor.

    No word when this will make it on to the staging branch, but we’ll keep you posted as always.

    Mission progress

    More progress on the missions branch this week. Although the commits are pretty sparse on details, we know from the devblog that these upcoming missions will allow players to acquire blueprints and items from means other than farming scrap. Launched from NPC villages, these missions could come with additional monuments around the map (stables and the like). Stay tuned for more on this as the month progresses.


    Weather effects are making a comeback on the ‘weather2’ branch. As you may recall, Rust used to have a weather system, however, it was removed due to performance concerns. With performance a priority on this new branch, there has been some great progress this week including several weather effects in the works including snow, aurora, and smarter rain volume.

    Deep water decay

    Boats left out in the deep water will last a bit longer as the decay now starts after 45 minutes of use instead of the previous 10 minutes. This time can be adjusted by servers owners with the new variable ‘deepwaterdecayminutes’.

    Other Stuff

    • Fix for chat messages occasionally getting hidden.

    • Fix kayaks not decaying at the intended rate

    • Remove duplicated lamps from bandit town, replaced with the newer prefab instead

    • Fix passthrough not showing for windmills, solar panels, and fuel generators

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