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    Farming and fixes

    Another week in Rust development and the team at Facepunch has been squashing bugs and making forward progress on long term projects.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied throughout the day.

    Easter goes bye-bye

    After enjoying the extra Egg shaped loot for the past week, players say goodbye to the Rust Easter event with an optional patch going live later today. This patch will not force a wipe, it’ll just remove the Easter stuff like daily egg hunts.

    Note: this patch is apparently optional, which means some server owners could hypothetically leave Easter running for longer. That said, Rustafied servers will update shortly after the patch hits.

    Hotfixes this week

    You may have noticed a couple client updates hit earlier in the week. Along with some fixes to teleport commands for admins, these updates patched, rolled back, then repatched some exploits.

    Farming2 changes

    There are a bunch of changes and improvements hitting the farming2 branch lately. After going live earlier this month, the farming2 body of work is seeing some balance and additions. On the top of the list, Sprinklers are now much more efficient and the growth and yield genes are more effective.

    Along with improving the overall efficiency of this new system, the team is adding some helpful new items. A Powered Water Purifier will allow for easy desalination of salt water. There is also a water pump being worked on which will source that precious liquid from fresh and saltwater sources.

    Fireballs also now require less water from Sprinklers to be extinguished and Bean Can Grenades will be defused by Sprinklers about 90% of the time. Finally, corn and potato entity bounds can be destroyed by melee and the ‘Water Saturation’ label is now just ‘Water’ on the plant UI to make it more obvious it is the water condition / happiness, not actual saturation.

    Although all this work still exists on separate branches, I’d venture to guess it’ll make its way in for the update next month. More on this as the month progresses.

    Other stuff

    The team has also made progress on the following projects:

    • HDRP

    • Vehicles

    • Alarm system

    • Console version

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