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    Fixes and forward progress


    12:00am EST - With one week since the big update and forced wipe, the team at Facepunch is working on various fixes and new functionality.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.


    RF Streamer mode

    Following the launch of Radio Frequency C4 with the update last week, streamer mode is being updated to account for the RF Transmitter. Now, instead of showing the actual set frequency in the hotbar, the RF Transmitter will just show xxxMHz instead.


    More map markers

    More advanced map markers are on the way for your in-game maps! Based on commits on the ‘more_map_markers’ branch, it looks like players and teams will be able to add more markers to maps, label them, and share them. It also looks like these new markers will show up on compasses for easy tracking and they’ll even be some form of pinging feature.

    All this work is still on a separate branch, so no visuals quite yet. That said, we’ll post up all the information and pictures once it’s merged in.


    Industrial fixes

    Some more fixes coming down the pike for the Industrial System. Here is a rundown:

    • Fixed conveyors set to AND mode incorrectly starting a transfer if there were multiple stacks of the same filtered item in an input container

    • Disable daisy chaining restrictions, daisy chained containers will now always receive their appropriate split regardless of the state of the container before them in the chain

    • Fixed tactical gloves and all diving gear not appearing in industrial filter search box

    • Industrial conveyor will now attempt to fill any existing stacks in an output container before making a new stack

    • The output division is now applied before min/max/buffer amounts are calculated, meaning the split amount is based on the maximum amount that can be moved and is then clamped by the max. Prevents Max filters incorrectly slowing down transfer rates


    Double saddle

    You’ll soon be able to fit an extra person on your horseback excursions with the upcoming Double Saddle. Still on a separate branch, we’re just seeing the basic tests and implementations at the moment. No word on exactly how this will be added, but we’ll keep you posted as more comes to light.


    Attack helicopter progress

    More work this week on the newest adversarial vehicle to enter the game. The Attack Helicopter will be the big brother to the Minicopter, with skis instead of wheels, and a gunner position which will tap into a gunner cam, and be able to aim and fire a gun and rockets from the looks of it. 

    This week we’ve seen more work on the gunner UI and networking. There’s also a zoom added to the gunner cam, activated with RMB is pressed. No word on exactly when this will make it into the game, but we’ll keep you posted as always. 


    Other stuff

    • More work on weapon racks

    • More work on the newest monument, Nuclear Missile Silo

    • More work on the Ferry Terminal (I believe server to server transfer related, but not 100%)

    • UI Scaling works on Computer Stations

    • Drones can now be repaired in repair bench

    • Authradius command being worked on

    • Initial Easter work for next month’s event

    • Staging server browsers will show changeset when server doesn’t match client version

    • Fixed mace skinned as baseball bat displaying an incorrect price to research at the research table

    • More gameplay metrics - aggregate entity count, bp count, and player positions

    • Added SafeMode.ApplySafeModeConfig convar that overwrites the players client.cfg with a known safe version of the client cfg

    • Initial work on transparent screenshots - very WIP

    • Ability for devs to unlock all skins

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