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    Fixes and more


    12:00am EST - One week since the update and forced wipe and we’re seeing hotfixes and forward progress on various projects.

    Our update preview stream goes live at 1pm EST. Follow @Rustafied for news throughout the day.



    Not uncommon after a monthly update, the team has released a couple hotfixes over the past week. Here is a summary of some of the changes.

    • Reverted all ragdoll layer changes on plants, and remove ragdoll collision from the vehicle layer again

    • Lumberjack tools are no longer craftable (they now appear as skins to hatchet, pickaxe, etc)

    • Remove hidden inventory slots on workbench

    • Fixed extra cursed levitating cauldron (using incorrect layers)

    • Fixed camper BBQ output slots sometimes show as locked

    • Fix give notices showing 0 when spawning in or crafting items

    • Allow looting storage on vehicle modules while the engine is on, if the player is mounted on the vehicle. Notably allows using the storage in the camper while driving (this was working for a while previously due to a bug, but is now working "officially").

    • Allow using storage on locked vehicles without a key IF the player is already mounted


    Halloween next week!

    That’s right, Rust’s yearly Halloween festivities kick off next week with a mandatory patch which turns on all in game Halloween activities. It’s not clear exactly what will be included for this year, but in the past we’ve seen Frankensteins monsters, scarecrows, mummies, trick or treating, candy, and more!

    We’ll have a full rundown of this year’s event in our article next week.


    Pets progress

    More progress on the pets body of work this week with the addition of compass markers to show where your pets are. All of this work is still on a separate branch, so no visuals or concrete details at this time. That said, based on commits, we know the pets will include at least a couple dogs which can be tamed with a collar and given commands. We’ll post more information as it comes to light.


    Industrial work

    Some exciting potential on the industrial branch as work continues. Previously, we’ve seen indications of an industrial crafting attachment to workbenches which appears to be some form of auto-crafter. This week we’re seeing progress on an electric furnace -- presumably like the current furnaces in the game, just run on electricity instead of wood.

    This new furnace appears to be compatible with conveyers already implemented on the branch, which appear to allow for more automation of input and output. Overall it looks like groups will soon be able to set up larger scale, more automated operations for crafting and smelting.

    Like most large projects, this is on a separate branch and much is still up for speculation. We’ll keep you posted as more information comes down the pike.


    Other stuff

    • Revert saddlebag to 6 slots each

    • More work on a nuclear missile silo (new monument?)

    • Work on randomizing and improving horse idle animations

    • Transitioning to steam networking by default as opposed to Raknet

    • More work on the caboose and blackjack functionality

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